Palm Beach is one of the most glamorous locations in the world. The hot women, the ritzy restaurants, the dazzling glamor – who wouldn’t want to live there? Apparently, Palm Beach residents, that’s who! They want out, as a result of Donald Trump.

All of their businesses have taken a massive sucker punch since The Donald started visiting his resort so often. In his defense, The Donald does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter where you live, nor how much money that you make. He ruins everyone’s life equally.

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As per the massive security forces needed to protect The Donald, his family, and the plethora of diplomats and politicians, Palm Beach owes $1.7 million. So far, the White House has ignored calls to reimburse this amount, Rawstory article.

In addition, all of the businesses in the area are suffering. Take last Friday, for example. A temporary flight restriction was scheduled, grounding flights at the Lantana airport and limiting air travel in a 30-mile radius around the Mar-a-Lago Club. President Donald J. Trump stopped into his resort that day. It was actually his fourth visit since his Jan. 20 inauguration.

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No one could get into Palm Beach during these visits. Plus, it is hard for those in Palm Beach to get out. Some businesses in the area have been devastated, as a result of our president’s visits.

For example, Marian Smith started her own flight school at the Lantana Airport. For 19 years, her company, Palm Beach Flight Training, has been a staple for anyone looking to learn how to fly through the Palm Beach skies.

“We lost about 30 percent of our revenue last month,” Smith said. “We can’t fly this weekend and we have a lot of students and renters that only come on the weekend,” said Michelle Edwards, business manager at Palm Beach Flight Training. “It severely hurts our business every time the president comes to town.” Bizjournals article

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What really infuriates the owners of these failing Palm Beach businesses, is why Trump insists on visiting his resort so frequently. It is Trump’s resort.

Trump has doubled the rates of his resort since becoming President. Thus, we, the taxpayer, have to fork over whatever price Trump wants to put on his resort rooms. Our tax money pays Donald Trump for rooms for him, his kids, his grandkids, his security, plus any foreign visitors, their family, and their security.

As soon as he became president, The Donald raised the price of all of his rooms. His DC hotel was the worst. The Donald raised the price of a room in that swanky dig 927%! Marketwatch article.

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The more times he visits, the more taxpayer money he stuffs into his pocket. As long as he is making money, why should he care about the other mom and pop Palm Beach businesses?

Not such a bad deal.

Every business owner in Palm Beach is losing money so that Donald Trump. the president of our country can profit as much as possible on our taxpayer money. Remember how angry they were about Obama’s vacations! LOL!