Republican Healthcare Votes No Buck

Dr Seuss Remixes – Republicans HealthCare Votes. No Buck!

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Nothing is more devastating to Trump than not being accepted. When the GOP voted his healthcare demands down, Trump was deeply affected. In his campaign, Trump promised that he would provide health insurance to every single person in America. With his proposed plan it does the complete opposite, hurting the very group that needs it the most.

In this doodle parody of a Dr. Seuss political cartoon, the word “bucks” convey an assortment of meanings. ‘Bucks’, for example, can represent resisting, a deer, money, a young man.

In today’s demented political theater the word ‘buck’ is so appropriate. Antlers convey stubbornness, so right there is a perfect analogy of a republican senator!  Another interpretation of the word ‘bucks’, can refer to the way these senators have ‘resisted’ Trumpcare.

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J.J. is a guerrilla remixer and resident of the Miami and Chicago area. J.J. enjoys breaking the status quo by culture jamming famous artwork and music into a new perspective. Most people would consider the work to be a remix with subliminal political and humanitarian messages. If J.J. were to describe their art, it would be a Weird Al Yankovic song illustrated by Andy Warhol.

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