Ever since Trump’s first campaign speech, when he vowed to build a wall and kick out all of those Hispanics and Muslims, I kept writing articles about how unlikely it was that such promises would ever happen. Trump has already failed to deliver on all of the promises that he made. This is the first article of a series, discussing each of those promises.

He appealed to those that are angry. Trump supporters are angry because they are convinced that our government caters to everyone but them. According to them, our government is smothered in conspiracy. As a result, minorities and foreigners have it easy. Finally, a savior promises to return the country that belongs to them.

He promised the world. Everything from a magical wall and banning Muslims to reverting our economy back to being coal driven and a healthcare plan that would cover everyone!

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They waited in the cold and in the rain for days, just to buy a ticket to see him. Most noteworthy, each word that he hurled across that auditorium was sentimental to each audience member. He offered them hope. He understood them. The policies that he spoke reeked of truth. The platforms he designed would lead the country to paradise. The visions that he shared were but a glimpse into a country that they wished was theirs. He tore his hand right through their chests and squeezed their beating hearts.

That paragraph could be about Josef Stalin, or Adolf Hitler, or even Vladimir Lenin. Leaders must gain the people’s devotion. With the trust and devotion that position entails, sometimes the leader becomes a devil. Carefully sculpted propaganda made these leaders divine. Idealism always leads to tyranny.

To all those Trumpkins, I hate to say it, but I was right and you were conned.

Here are a few of those articles that I wrote, assuring America that none of Trump’s promises would ever become true.

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Furthermore, I find it difficult to blame Trump. Yes, he did make these promises, but he became president as a result. If I knew it was as easy as telling stadiums packed with uneducated voters, that if they elect me as their president I’ll give them each a million dollars, I might spit out a few lies. Anyone who voted for him, as a result of his tall tales, is the one to blame.

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Those loyal Trumpkins will swear to the day that they die, that Donald Trump never lied. When he should be spending time on improving our roads and schools, he is devising these silly pieces of legislation about the wall and Trumpcare, that he knows will never pass. If a bill to ban Muslims from our country fails once, the same bill a few weeks later will fail again!

Seems like he is saying to his supporters, ‘Heh, I did all that I could.’

His perseverance might seem admirable, but we have to ask what is Trump’s motivation though? Is he really trying to help our country? Or is he just doing it to show his supporters that he gave it his best? Don’t blame him for trying to legitimize the unlegitimizable. To a man whose image is paramount, he must appear to be trying to deliver on his promises.

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Although you may not call them lies, they are. Anything you say that you don’t intend to occur, is a lie. I will demonstrate therefore, how all of Trump’s promises were lies. Consequently, without these lies, Donald Trump would not be on his throne today.