Everyday the threats against Americans multiply. When we aren’t worrying about getting blown up by Isis, we need to worry about getting health insurance, or getting a job, or having enough money to live. Instead, our president has his eyes set on kittenfeed.com

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Imagine how concerned our president must be! After all, he is our leader. All of our concerns are his’. Right? Wrong. Despite the terrorism in England, or the risk of denying America of healthcare, our president spent the day on an issue he felt was much more important. The Donald is taking down kittenfeed.com.

Apparently, the only subject discussed during this morning’s president daily briefing, was about kittenfeed.com. Donald was incensed. While he punched his fists through the air, The Donald vowed to destroy kittenfeed.com and take down “Lucy”. “Lucy” is the name given of a San Francisco teenage girl that runs the site.

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Back in February, “Lucy” started a site called trumpscratch.com. The site allowed users to scratch The Donald’s orange face with cute little cat claws. However, a member of The Donald’s team found out about the site.

On March 1, she said she received a cease and desist letter from the Trump Organization. The letter claims her site infringed on the “internationally known and famous” Trump trademark. MercuryNews article

“Lucy” told the Hollywood Reporter, “I really just want people to be aware that this is a president who’s clearly more concerned about what people think of him than doing things of substance.”

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The Trump Organization threatened “Lucy” with trademark infringement for using Trump’s face. Such legality is baseless. He is our president. When he took the position, his image became free to use. In addition, because, at the time of the cease and desist letter, she was not making money off the site, Trump’s claims are even more baseless.

If The Donald wants to obstruct traffic to kittenfeed, he sure is doing the wrong thing. Since he ordered her to cease and desist, kittenfeed.com audience went from 3,000 to 50,000. In fact, after writing this article, there is nothing I’d rather do than kitty scratch that gi-normous pumpkin face!