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In Violation of Constitution, President Trump Applies for 38 Chinese Business Trademarks

In violation of the US Constitution, President Trump is starting to get his Chinese trademarks approved. By now, President Trump must feel that he is way above the law. He didn’t need to show his taxes, it didn’t matter that he was the defendant in a massive fraud class action suit, it didn’t matter that he violated both the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act as well as a law that prevents interference with federal employees for… Keep Reading

Today’s International Women’s Day is not About Celebration, Rather Millions of Women Across the World Will be Protesting Donald Trump

Today is International Women’s Day. All over the world, we are supposed to be celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. However, today will be different. Today, women must regain the rights they thought belonged to them. Women have certainly taken a step backwards since the Trump administration rolled in. As a result, women all over the world are calling today, “A Day Without a Woman”. Thousands of pupils will get a… Keep Reading

Donald Trump Loves Palm Beach, but does Palm Beach Love him?

Palm Beach is one of the most glamorous locations in the world. The hot women, the ritzy restaurants, the dazzling glamor – who wouldn’t want to live there? Apparently, Palm Beach residents, that’s who! They want out, as a result of Donald Trump. All of their businesses have taken a massive sucker punch since The Donald started visiting his resort so often. In his defense, The Donald does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter where you… Keep Reading

Is Trump Digging his own Orange Grave With These Obama Wiretapping Accusations?

On Saturday, Trump shocked the world by accusing previous President Obama of wiretapping him. If this is true, we could be on the precipice of one of the most damaging presidential conspiracies since Watergate. In fact, in these fragmented and often psychedelic tweets, Trump compared Obama to Richard Nixon. He also called him a “bad (or sick) guy.” After making such a scandalous accusation, it was quite indicative how silent the White House became the… Keep Reading

Tit for Tat – Europe Plans to Impose Visa Restrictions on Americans Trying to Get to Europe

As a result of Trump’s travel ban, Europe has decided to implement its own visa restriction. European lawmakers is boldly telling the world, that unless the Trump administration lifts visa restrictions on European countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania, it will be equally difficult for Americans to travel to any European country. “You’re talking about citizens from countries, like Poland, with a major diaspora” in the United States, Claude Moraes, the British lawmaker who… Keep Reading

After Trump’s Anti-Gay Legislation, Nation’s Largest Republican LGBT Group, Log Cabin Republicans, Regret Praising Donald Trump

Unless you are in the top 1%, voting republican is not in your best interest. One by one, every other demographic that supported Trump, is starting to discover that. Mark my words, if you voted for Trump, and you aren’t a gazillionaire, you’ll be regretting your foolish decision shortly. The Log Cabin Republicans, for example, are the nations largest group of LGBT conservatives. During the election, despite every other LGBTQ American, the Log Cabin Republicans… Keep Reading

Is the Spirit of Christ or the Devil Inside the Gun Waving, Abortion Hating, War Scheming Republican?

It seems the religious right only care about a gun, an abortion or a war. Everything else pales compared to those things. For decades, America considered these republicans pious and virtuous. What a difference an election makes. During the election, I wrote article after article about how dead the republican party was, and how Trump was the last nail in that decrepit coffin. But then he won. I was proven wrong. Or was I? Perhaps… Keep Reading

All those People that Loved Trump’s Speech so Much, Must Feel Really Stupid This Morning

Every news headline Yesterday, was about how glorious Trump’s speech was on Tuesday night. I was mortified to hear people speaking about Trump with such prestigious adjectives as “optimistic”, “winning” and “presidential”. But then,  a mere few hours later, revelations came out that accuse his Attorney General of perjury. Just like that, his glory is snatched right from his fat and orange hands. Even his harshest critics, like CNN analyst Van Jones, could not stop praising the… Keep Reading

Protests to Keep Obamacare are Almost as Bad as the Protests that Erupted When Obamacare was Implemented

There was at least one protest in every major city across the country last week. The protests are so threatening that earlier this month, House Republicans began devising methods to best protect themselves and their families, The Hill article. America is furious that Donald Trump is taking away the first reliable healthcare system we have had in our lifetime. To watch a government remove healthcare for its citizens is very sad. Considering that we had… Keep Reading

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