Lies. This article concludes my series analyzing Trump’s biggest campaign lies. Keep in mind that these lies allowed him to convince his uneducated voters to vote for him. The lies that Trump fed his supporters, convinced them that he was some sort of messiah. During the campaign, they lined up for days, in the pouring rain, just to attend his rallies. Like every great manipulator, Trump offered his supporters hope. Within just one month of him being in office, all of those lies have been dashed against the rocks.

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Despite the mountains of lies he sprinkled through the mid west. one of those promises will be fulfilled. Incidentally, this promise has always been the most important one to Trump, just like every single corrupt republican president before him. Trump will lower taxes!

Who doesn’t get happy over such an audacious proclamation?

Those overall wearing Trumpkins celebrate Trump lowering their taxes by 2%. That gives them an extra $200 at the end of the year. Awesome. Maybe they purchase some VIP monster truck seats. Whatever it is, they’ll enjoy the extra cash. But that 2% means a lot more to Trump’s buddies. That could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars for some happy Wall Street exec. In turn, that means hundreds of thousands of dollars LESS for our roads and schools and policemen. Is it worth it?

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Trump will lower our taxes. If I had to bet on one of his campaign promises seeing the light of day, it will be lower taxes. Ironically, he didn’t spend much time on the campaign trail talking about lowering our taxes. Instead, he talked about the wall, and getting coal miners their jobs back, and kicking out Muslims and Hispanics, and giving us the best damn healthcare ever. One by one, I focused on each of these lies each article in my series.

These lies appealed to the same blue collar, uneducated, mostly unemployed section of our population. This group had been rejected by Republicans and Democrats for too long. As they cast their votes for Donald Trump, that was the first time that most of them had ever voted. As a result, their election presence was never tabulated because simply, they never voted before.

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This article McClatchyDC article is from Aug. 31, 2016.

Allies of Trump, who trails Clinton in most polls, argue that there is a secret, silent bloc out there that supports him and is not showing up in polls. Pollsters counter that their surveys are accurately measuring support for all the candidates.

These supporters could very well have been the surprise element that allowed Trump to win. Trump was able to fool them into voting for him through these lies.