Trump’s taxes were released. Unfortunately, they are not as enlightening as one would assume. In fact, the two mere pages of his taxes from 12 years ago, only make his skeptics more skeptical, and his supporters more supportive.

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The taxes prove that Trump is (or was) that millionaire he claimed to be during the campaign. They also prove that he has paid taxes. On the other hand though, the minuscule fragment of his entire tax portfolio these two pages represent, just seems to reiterate that Trump is masking some massive and treacherous felony. The fact that the forms are stamped with the words ‘client copy’ and also because of the good light these two pages put Trump in, many people suspect Trump of being the one to drop those pages in the journalist’s mailbox.

Those that insist Trump did NOT send these taxes, claim as their evidence, the fact that Trump was so irritated over the matter. His tweets seemed really pissed. What sort of evidence is that? As if media mogul Donald Trump is incapable of feigning his true emotions to the press.

Another battle cry that Trump did not send these, is the fact that only two pages of his taxes were sent. After all, the taxes are from 2005, before the financial mortgage crisis. Back in those days, banks would not ask for more than those pages for a loan. So theoretically, it is possible, that these tax returns came from an employee of a bank that Trump applied for a loan. Washington Post article

But that really opens a whole new can of question marks.

  • Why would this alleged “bank employee” hold on to these hot tax returns for so long? If he is going to release them, why not during the election?
  • Why not sell them to a major news network?
  • Why release them at all? They don’t reveal anything, besides the amount of taxes Trump paid in 2005. Whoever released Trump’s taxes were only trying to benefit him.

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In addition, this would not be the first time Trump provides answers to swirling questions about himself. Remember the mystery regarding his health? PoliticalHaze Article, Trump has the Bestest Health in the Whole World, Says his Imaginary Doctor

Here is my solution, that might force the truth out of the shadows. Someone should offer a reward for whoever exposed Trump’s taxes? Considering that, if it was really someone besides Trump, they would have to be close to him, so the reward would have to be substantial.

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Make the reward as high as the moon, because if it was Trump, no one would collect it. We could assume, when no one comes forward to collect the reward, that Trump exposed his own taxes. What do you think of my idea?

Updated: Another reason why experts say the released taxes were from Donald Trump is because they are not signed. If it was someone affiliated with his accountant, they would have had their own copy. The only people who would have access to the unsigned copy marked ‘client copy‘, would be someone in Donald Trump’s home or his office.