Trump is Looking to Start a War with North Korea, Just like the Last Republican President Forced us Into a War Based on Lies

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Smoke is starting to billow out of the White House windows. Our president is looking for a nuclear fight with North Korea. He jacked up the defense budget to never before seen levels. Plus, he has begun threatening maybe the most insecure world leader on the globe. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, is definitely one card shy of a full deck. Standard foreign diplomacy has always been not to provoke such a loose cannon. Our president, however, continues to badger him.

Please America, restrain these republican warmongers.

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At a conference with South Korean Foreign Minister, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson proposed military action against North Korea.

“Certainly, we do not want things to get to a military conflict … but obviously, if North Korea takes actions that threatens the South Korean forces or our own forces, then that would be met with an appropriate response,” he said. CNN article

President Trump then tweeted,

Image result for "North Korea is behaving very badly. They have been 'playing' the United States for years. China has done little to help!"

The banging of these war drums is a result of North Korea’s announcements of their missile testing. North Korea has been boasting of similar weapon testing for years, and global leaders have ignored him. Trump, however, does things his own way.

No one knows besides Trump, why he does some of the things that he does. For argument’s sake, let us say that I am correct, and our president is trying to profit as much as he can through his new prestigious title. That would explain his sudden General Custer persona.

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During Trump’s campaign, some of his uneducated supporters reasoned that Trump would make a great president because he was already really rich. A common Trump campaign slogan was ‘The wealthy would never steal’. Apparently, that logic convinced a lot of people. Trump however, is proving that wealth and corruption are one in the same: the wealthier you are the more corrupt you become.

The war machine is very profitable. Ironically, the last republican president proved that to us. Like Donald Trump, Junior’s trigger finger was real itchy. He actually fabricated intel to justify going to war. Some analysts even consider the anthrax fear, was just another way to increase approval for war, Political Haze article. After our troops landed and we destroyed their city, turns out, that intel was wrong.

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Junior’s war killed thousands of innocent young Americans. They signed up because they believed the president, when he told them that we were being threatened. They loved this country so much, that they were willing to risk their lives to defend it. The war in Iraqi was not a complete disaster. Lives were lost and our economy was shattered, but the war was great for a few of Junior’s buddies. They made a lot of money.

Trump is thirsting for war, as every money hungry republican president does. Trump is stirring a lot of trouble in the world. He has made stupid threats to China, the UK, Germany, Iran, North Korea and Mexico. Nothing is more profitable than the war machine. If Donald Trump is more concerned with money than your kid’s life, than war is just a push of a button away. Time will tell, but if I had to bet, I’d say we are tumbling to war.

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Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on Amazon.com, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.


  1. No, this is the ONE thing that he is doing right. Jong is building nuclear weapons that will be able to reach the USA, and we are supposed to cower like a leaf and “not upset him”? This bastard’s treatment of his own citizens is a horror show beyond belief, and the outside world should have stepped in and removed him out of respect for humanity long ago.

  2. He even had Tillerson use the same language, “preemptive strike” to make what is actually a declaration of war seem more palatable. Now this is personal. My godson is in the Navy. I won’t have him put at risk because Republicans want to stimulate the economy by activating the military industrial complex.

  3. no, that’s stupid. Obviously he is demanding that North Korea step their nuclear program down, and he is making a show of force. It sure would be nice if the news could report the news for once, not some fabricated nonsense.

    • Kim Jong un is less psychologically stable than DT.
      Axed off most of his family members to reinforce his position as dictator of N Korea.
      NOT someone to be pushed & prodded, insulted, bullied.
      His half brother was recently killed by someone wiping extremely toxic agent on his face in an airport, many believe Jong un was responsible, so he very possibly has some available.
      We DO NOT want to prod this guy into a “conflict”, or anything else, merely to fatten accounts of billionaires.

    • How about the concept that Kim has been testing nuclear weapons, and is getting pretty close to being able to use them affectively. It would seem that Trump is choosing this moment to either talk him down or force him down before he really does become too dangerous. North Korea is like no were else in the world. It is truly hell for it’s people. They would love to be free of Kim and reconnected with South Korea.

  4. Mr. Trump is getting ready for a big war. Apparently he plans to obliterate, at any cost, anything that remain on Syria. Trump’s followers, is time to stop speaking crap and give your full support to your Füher, do your part, join the Army! Maybe this way we can get out of a lot of you.

  5. Rex Tillerson said that a Military Pre-Emptive Strike was “On The Table”……..not the time for a stupid bluff to a country who is not a threat to us……However, the Rothschilds would like to set up a Central Banking System there……..

  6. Your oppression is their profession.

    biggest threat to our country is Trump and his cabinet. I wouldn’t be surprised if they staged a false flag operation just to say ” i told you so”.

    “The Party told you to reject all evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    -from “1984” by George Orwell

    The real welfare queens and terrorists reside on Capitol Hill, hold office, and run multi Billion dollar corporations while being protected by men and women in badges and robes. And your tax dollars pay for all of it.
    ” I hear the drum beats of war and it sounds like lies and the love of power

    • You “do little” reading, huh? Go educate yourself…..it’s 2017…..North Korea’s not doing their tests of nukes now in a rowboat. And a nuclear tipped warhead is very close to reality for them according to leading military experts under both Trump AND Obama. You honestly think China, whose economy is tied so closely to us, is going to war with us BECAUSE WE PREVENTED OURSELVES FROM BEING NUKED??? You are not even rational….China, in fact, is likely to invade and take out Jong themselves if the nuke tests don’t stop….they have been on the receiving end of his threats too…..Jong is delusional and a threat to all around him……he even executes family members……and you don’t see a problem here, let the boy play….

  7. Just had his non-Secy of State Tillerson tell the world one of the most unlikely remarks I’ve ever heard any SoS say, that we are considering all options — sounds like a Defense Secy, not a State Dept Secy. These guys are going to do it, IF WE LET THEM. and, so far, it looks like WE ARE GOING TO LET THEM.

  8. There is enough pure TRUTH out there about Trump and his team, so why does this site for Progressives print things that tell half truths? This headlines acts like “those bad Republicans” get us into wars with their lies. The other half of the truth is that O had us bombing 7 (SEVEN) countries, all of which (coincidentally) are resource rich (think oil, gold etc).

  9. Well that would distract us from the Russian investigation and that would distract us from cuts to Social security and Medicare and Medicaid and Health care! Well that would distract us from lie after lie after lie!

  10. Frankly, if the rich bastards over HERE weren’t making so much M-O-N-E-Y through trade with China, the threat of serious sanctions unless CHINA got Mr. Jong under control would work. Always the damn money factor if you look hard enough..

  11. We have surrounded Russia with ground troops and weapons in the last few weeks!!! We are actively bombing, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Afganistán, and also have bases surrounding Iran. So now we are going to war with North Korea.
    And what was the refusing to shake Mrs Merkle’s hand about??? Are we going to bomb Germany also????

  12. I was there- nobody “forced” us. Most people I knew were either drawing lines straight from 9/11 to Iraq or didn’t really have an opinion and then of course: WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. I thought A. sounded fishy, smelled fishy, half-baked and B. REMEMBER VIETNAM? The media never questioned it and it there was any dissension on the street it wasn’t covered. Hell, CNN had theme music for “DECISION IRAQ”. There wasn’t any choice, we were going, but I have to be honest; I don’t remember anyone in my town seriously questioning it and I brought it up to most everybody I know. The only honest to god dissent I witnessed was George McGovern speaking at “peace rally” in Missoula, Montana. There were people protesting the war in Missoula, but not Billings or Red Lodge (where I worked and lived). So this time, if Trump starts talking “war”, we have to give him HELL.

  13. Well I know that of all of them PUTIN looks like the only sane leader!!! The US is goading them for a fight the US is the one being aggressive !!! IMO
    IF I WERE a leader I sure wouldn’t be using a tank if I had a nuke. WW3 will be over in about 30 min!!!

  14. I would gladly fight in a war against North Korea… what kind of fucked up mentality do you have where a threat to the entire world is growing and you don’t want to do anything about it, thousands of women and children tortured or starving everyday, people forced to watch family member die over reasons like watching a movie, anyone who doesn’t feel the need to fight for North koreas freedom is a pathetic coward

    • Do you know what Trump is thinking in sending them there? I don’t. Do you know what the communications actually are with Russia and Syria? I don’t. We do know that Trump said he wants ISIS dealt with for good, so perhaps that has something to do with it, but that’s just a guess.

    • Have a look at the history of the US. Out of 240 years of Independence the US has been at war for 215 of those years. Whatever excuse successive administrations have used, be it The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, WMD’s or ISIL, they all end up in war… That is the US’s Modus Operandi. The attack on A US ship in the Gulf of Tonkin, never happened. WMDs were never found. These are all bullshit excuses, and US allies have had enough of these false flag events.

    • I fully agree. But neither of us has any reason to believe Trump is doing the same thing. We do have good reason to believe he is in Syria to eradicate ISIS, as he said he wanted to do. We can also assume that he is posturing back at the North Koreans since they have been shooting test missiles for their nuclear program a lot recently, and very brazenly. We also know that many of the leader Kim’s family have recently died with a reasonable explaining being that he murdered them. In other words, he may be way less stable than even his predecessor. So perhaps Trump is facing off with him now, before he has a fully operational nuclear arsenal. But that’s just me making guesses. Everything your saying is true, but it also suggests that America has been corrupt for a very long time. Perhaps Trump is different. He is going after all the pedophiles, which has never happened before.

    • I have plenty of reason to think he’s going to do exactly the same thing. If US troops were there legitimately they would have the backing of the Syrian government. The US is continuing it’s policy of regime change. HRC said as much, “We need to take Syria for Israel”…
      The history of this conflict goes back to before the WWI, when the Zionists in the UK, the Saudis and the British government made a deal on how to split up the then Ottoman Empire… For backing Britain in the upcoming war, the Saudis would gain control of the largest portion of the Arabian peninsula, the Zionists were to get the Levant, a portion of land stretching from Turkey in the north, to the Egyptian border in the south. From the Mediterranean to Iraq.
      You may have noted different leaders refer to ISIL instead of ISIS.

    • The same people who controlled the British Empire are the ones that control the American Empire. When the British Empire collapsed after WWII, and lost it’s superpower status, it was the US that became a superpower, and so the batton was passed.

    • Where Korea is concerned, have a look at a map…. Why are American troops in South East Asia? Or, why does the US have in excess of 200 military bases worldwide? North
      Korean troops are not poised on America’s border… No, that’s American troops on North Korea’s border. So who is threatening whom here? So, I’m not suggesting that America has been corrupt for a very long time, I’m saying that it definitely has been corrupt for a very long time.

    • All your info looks right to me. But it is still speculative about what Trump is up to and will do. I just hope and believe he has different motivations then you are suggesting. I do not think he is being controlled by the NWO. Have you ever tried imagining yourself in his shoes right now? He’s dealing with a lot, and could use some compassion. He, at least, is about putting America first. So time will tell what he actually does, until then, I will not judge. As for Syria, I’m waiting for the actual truth to come out before I guess what is going on there.

    • I can understand your fierce loyalty to your president. There have been many times in my life that I followed my leaders, without question. However, those days are over.
      I agree that what DJT will do is just speculation on my part, however I have 45 years of political experience in three countries on three continents; and I would have to say that after 2 months of his administration, and his many broken election promises, I wouldn’t bet on him doing anything he says he’s going to do.
      On the subject of ISIL: this group was set up by the CIA, led by a Mosad agent, or so French intelligence reports…. The US has been funding ‘resistance’ groups in Syria… Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, the representative for Hawaii’s 2nd District can attest to that. Hence her pushing for a bill to stop funding after her trip to Syria.

    • Well I voted for Bernie and Jill, and I have a good 30 years of paying attention to the corruption that has run our world. And while I would agree with you, if everything was the way it should be, meaning not completely corrupted by the NWO, that Donald is not a great choice for president, for lots of reasons. But considering the last 100 years of mostly corrupt puppets, and especially the last 40 years of America ruiners, to me, with all his flaws, he is still a welcome relief. As for breaking campaign promises, we shall see, it’s not over yet, but one thing is for sure, every other president in the last 100 has also broken lots of campaign promises, accept perhaps JFK, and FDR. So what I’m seeing, is that we hold the same perspective on most things, accept I’m more optimistic about Trump then you are…lol.

    • I was a huge fan of DJT, like I was a fan of HRC, that was until October 2015, and I heard a radio news report and a guy said one sentence, and I thought HRC is going to have a big problem getting the nomination if she’s up against him. That man has changed so much in my political life, and for him to be cheated out of the nomination, makes me more angry than I can explain without buckets of expletives…
      But I’m a lot more sure of where I stand politically because of him.

    • yes, that is really the key to our future, and we really must give Trump some credit for making space for the possibility. Because if Hitlery had won, the democratic party would be saluting her and taking over the rest of the country under her regime.

  15. Lay off the poor guy! He has to justify increasing in the military budget somehow, doesn’t he? (Just to be clear, I’m being sarcastic; some knucklehead Trump supporters might say the same thing seriously!)

  16. Well 45 fucking with the wrong Country…If I remember correctly, didn’t Korea and Vietnam send Americans packing. 45 and the Republican party has lost their dame mind, and screwing with the WRONG country. Stupid asses!👿👿😡😤👎🆗💯✔&

    • So if you were President, and the new Kim, a psycho by many accounts, started overtly testing nuclear weapons near your allies, are you just going to sit back and let the crazy guy finish so that he can destroy any cities he chooses within a certain range? Or would you be smart like Trump and posture back. Because all Trump is looking for is for them to stop with the nuclear weapon testing and manufacturing. And right now they are vulnerable, so when would be a better time? Or just sit back and see what they do with them? Is that what you would do?

  17. Kim Jong Un is clearly crazy. Arguing with a crazy person just make you look crazy too, but Trump just can’t resist. His ego is too big to ignore any insult, even if it is coming from a total nut job. Is there no limit to the madness?

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