Hillary led a terrible campaign, as a result we get douched with Trump. It seemed that Hillary spoke about topics no one cared about, and didn’t speak about things that could have really damaged him. Take for example, the Trump University scandal. Trump, our elected president, was the main defendant in a class action lawsuit the he scammed high school graduates and senior citizens out of a real estate education.

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Right after he won the election, Trump reached a massive settlement in which Trump would pay the plaintiffs $25 million.  In fact, 6,000 plaintiffs could recover AT LEAST half of what they originally paid to attend Trump seminars.

No one had a problem with the settlement. It seemed as if Donald Trump achieved the impossible. He scammed thousands of people, paid out a massive settlement and was STILL elected president! The highest position in the world handed to a snake-oil con-man.

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Last Monday, finally one of those plaintiffs claimed the settlement wasn’t kosher. A Florida bankruptcy lawyer and former Trump University student named Sherri Simpson filed an objection to the proposed settlement. Sherri argues that the settlement violates her constitutional due process rights.

Trump’s lawyers insisted on including a no-opt out clause in the settlement. This is what Sherri has a problem with.

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Trump University students had a chance to opt out of the class action back in 2015, after Judge Curiel certified them to litigate as a group. (The judge later clarified that the class action could establish Trump University’s liability but that damages would have to be calculated on a case-by-case basis.)

But class members received the 2015 notice before Trump agreed to settlement terms. The notice said in a parenthetical that Trump University students would get another chance to opt out when and if the case settled.

Simpson’s lawyer, Gary Friedman, contends the settlement breached her constitutional due process rights because she never got that second chance to opt out once she knew the actual terms of the deal with Trump.  Insurance Journal article

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Sherri paid $19,000 to attend a three-day Trump University seminar, plus a full year of mentoring. Our president stole her money and now expects her to take a penny less than $19,000!

Above everything else, Sherri wants an apology. She wants to hear Donald Trump admit that he was wrong. Her lawyers says that she doesn’t want half of what she paid, she wants Trump to pay her triple damages.

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“She’s very angry. She felt humiliated,” he said. “She wants a public trial for the purposes of vindication.” Insurance Journal article

I kept waiting for Hillary to play a commercial of this senior citizen who emptied his life savings to attend Trump University. You know how powerful that would have been??!! Even the most loyal Trumpkin would have a problem voting for him then, right? They do have hearts, right? She never even mentioned it!

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During the election, there were people who actually never heard of the Trump University scandal. I’d bet my left pinky, to this day, there are some people who are still unaware of the crimes our president was on trial for during the elections. I would write articles about Trump University, and Trumpkins would doubt my story was true. They would claim my articles were “fake news”. They had never heard of Trump University!

If you only watch Fox News and read Breitbart, is it really that unimaginable, that someone may not know anything about Trump University? Hillary should have hammered Trump University across every media outlet.

He is our president. Now, it is too late. But at least, one person isn’t letting The Donald get away with this. I’m sure that he was convinced the Trump University scandal was dead. Thankfully, Sherri Simpson continues to pump life into it.