>Donald Trump wants to build a good relationship with Russia. No one would argue with that message. I’ll take a friend over an enemy any day of the week. However, would our president harbor such warm and fuzzy feelings over Russia, if they had a new president? In other words, Trump just wants to be butt buddies with Putin. He really could care less about Russia. They have some arrangement. Hopefully, the FBI investigation will get to the bottom of it, but Trump doesn’t care about Russia. Nor does Putin care about America.

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Our president is the only global leader who has such affable feelings towards Putin. Our president and his minion republicans are the only Putin supporters in the world. Even Russians are violently demonstrating against his tyrannical rule. The next Russian elections are close, so the Russian people are demonstrating.

Ekho Moskvy, a Russian radio station, estimated that 60,000 people were involved in 80 protests across Russia. This number is mind boggling, considering a law that forbids unsanctioned gatherings. Navalny is the only opponent against Putin. However, the Kremlin has even discredited him from running, because of a fraud conviction in the past, Yahoo article.

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Putin should have an easy victory, giving him another six years to rule Russia. Putin has no complaints. He wants to drive this gravy train as long as possible. Some people even call him the wealthiest man in the world.

Russia though is not doing as good. The longest recession in two decades has crippled Russia. Millions of Russians have become bankrupt during that time. Meanwhile, Putin and other Russian diplomats have collected fortunes. Navalny released a document accusing Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of amassing multi-billion dollar funds.

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As instructed by his messiah, overall-wearing Jim Bob might like Russia, but Russia doesn’t like him. Russia has produced a sophisticated propaganda campaign over the past few years. Russia is an island surrounded by sharks.

The percentage of respondents with “bad/very bad” opinions of the US rose from 34 percent to 60 percent between 2012 to present. The EU fared even worse with negative opinion rising from 21 to 60 percent. All pretense of democratic elections was dispelled with the managed parliamentary elections of 2016.

Putin’s Stalinesque claim that all social and political unrest is instigated from abroad renders virtually every truckers’ strike, miners’ protest, or critical Facebook posting a CIA, US State Department, or Germany BND operation. External aggression and internal repression blur the distinction between the armed services and national guards and militias which are tasked with domestic security. Putin’s National Guard, commanded by a loyalist, numbers close to 400,000 plus tanks, helicopters, and tanks to “fight terrorism.” A “terrorist” in Putin’s vocabulary is anyone who poses a threat to “the Russian state’” namely to Putin himself. Forbes article

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According to these polls, Russians don’t like Americans. Putin doesn’t like Americans either. As Trump pulls their strings though, republicans like Putin almost as much as their orange savior. Remember this America, when Trump implores you to like Putin.

Putin is our enemy. A friend of my enemy is my enemy.