On the eve of Trump’s inauguration, he spoke with Boaz Bismuth of Israel Hayom. Boaz wanted a reassurance from Trump regarding his campaign promise to relocate the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump replied, “You know I’m not a man to break promises.”

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To the State of Israel, moving the embassy would be a huge thing. In fact, the past three presidents refused to make such a move.

If the United States moved the embassy to Jerusalem, it would mean that the US effectively recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That would overturn 70 years of international consensus, and, many argue, would effectively signal the end of moves to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians.  CNN article

A month after Trump’s inauguration, the answer had changed. Trump said he was thinking about it. Now he says,

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“The embassy is not an easy decision. It has obviously been out there for many, many years and nobody has wanted to make that decision. I’m thinking about it very seriously and we will see what happens.” NYTimes article

Last week, the Trump administration and Israel had talks for several days. The talks were between Jason Greenblatt, a longtime adviser to President Trump and Yoav Horowitz, Netanyahu’s chief of staff, and Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, JewishWeek article.

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The only thing that they agreed on during these meetings, is that the subject is very “complicated”. The pro-Israel Trump during the campaign had certainly changed from the one after inauguration day.

As a result of the strong pro-Israel platforms that Trump touted during his campaign, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had become a loyal Trumpkin as well.

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Netanyahu clashed with Obama for the past eight years. Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, was slammed by Trump. Trump saw Israel as a perfect way to nab lots of votes. Trump’s degradation of Obama’s deal with Iran, instantly earned him Israel’s favor.

Netanyahu even said of Trump,

“Mr. President, you have shown great clarity and courage in confronting the challenge head on,” he said. “Under your leadership, I believe we can reverse the rising tide of radical Islam, and in this great task, as in so many others, Israel stands with you, and I stand with you.” Politico article.

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Netanyahu’s unfettered devotion with Trump was very intense. He even threw his two cents into the ring regarding the Great Wall of Trump.

In a tweet, Netanyahu wrote,

“President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.”

The honeymoon is over.

Donald Trump created some strange bedfellows during his campaign. Both Nazis and Israelis strongly supported him.


Trump proved that a candidate could gain the votes of both of these groups. However, only in a fantasy world, could this politician appease both of these groups. There will sure be a lot of disgruntled Trumpkins out there.

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