Victory. Trump’s victory will be the final nail in republican’s already rotted coffin. Before the election, I literally wrote an article a day, about how decimated the republican party was. I wrote how delirious the republican party was for nominating Donald Trump.

Two years ago, Donald Trump would be somewhere high on my list of least likely presidential candidates. Every day during the election, another horrendous scandal filtered through the media. Trump was the defendant in many lawsuits for sexually molesting women and for defrauding little children of college tuition. Trump only hired foreigners to work his construction sites and man his resorts. He was a draft dodger. Plus, rumors that he conspired with Russia to throw the election towards him are still materializing today.

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If Trump was running as a Democrat, the same people who support him now would be throwing stones at him. Despite his atrocious record, Trump proved me wrong by winning the election.

What would have happened if he lost and Hillary won? Everything would have been just like the last eight years under Obama. Gridlock. The day after Obama won the election, minority leader pipsqueak Eric Cantor promised Republicans would fight everything Obama tried to pass. They sure lived up to that promise. More important than improving the lives of the people that elected them, Republicans chose to make Obama a failure. Judging by Obama’s astronomical approval ratings, they were the ones to fail.

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If Hillary would have won, Republicans would have spent every single minute disparaging her and pumping air into those scandals that never quite got off the ground. Benghazi, for example, was regurgitated through SEVEN different republican investigations. Yet each one found Hillary committed no wrongdoing. Meanwhile, millions of dollars were wasted. Isn’t it odd that all of those investigations stopped as soon as Trump was elected? As if all of those despicable allegations against her didn’t matter after she lost.

Image result for trump campaign message different changeAll of those articles I wrote before the election were correct. The Republican party was on life support. Republicans were sick of being lied to by their politicians. They wanted change, anything different. Donald Trump claimed to be the change that America needed.

Donald Trump’s victory even verified this. Republicans had their pick of the liter. They could have nominated several strong conservative candidates such as Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. Instead, the republican voter chose Donald Trump – the anti-thesis of those candidates.

Donald Trump was actually a democrat his entire life. Since they were registered democrats at the time of the primaries, his kids couldn’t even vote for him.

Supporters of a president can only hope that his tenure is a success. A successful presidency has become a striking characteristic defining democrats and republicans. Look at the past thirty years. We’ve had two republican and two democratic presidents. According to Washington Post-ABC News polls, approval ratings would classify Bill Clinton and Obama as successful presidents whereas Bush and Junior were terrible, Washington Post article.

Every republican president abuses their rights. They also trample across the very people that voted him in. Trumpkins know this better than anyone else. That is why they went for Trump. They needed a change and they sure weren’t gonna vote for Hillary. The Donald was the next best thing.

Republican voters took a chance with Trump. They rolled the dice….and lost. The democrats were the ones to win with Trump’s victory.

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Trump’s presidency is already tarnished with scandal and treasonous allegations. What delicious delights will we encounter the remaining four years? One thing we can all be sure of is that republicans will not be happy when Trump leaves office.

During the election, the republican party was dying. Now, the party is dead.