In violation of the US Constitution, President Trump is starting to get his Chinese trademarks approved. By now, President Trump must feel that he is way above the law. He didn’t need to show his taxes, it didn’t matter that he was the defendant in a massive fraud class action suit, it didn’t matter that he violated both the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act as well as a law that prevents interference with federal employees for communicating with Congress. In fact, Trump supporters adore him even more as a result, Fedsmith article.

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Last month, China granted preliminary approval for 38 new Trump trademarks. This is the first step for our president to create a Chinese empire consisting of every sort of business you could imagine. Hotels, bodyguards, golf clubs and more, according to public documents, APnews.

Dan Plane, a director of a Hong Kong company, said he never saw so many applications approved so quickly.

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“For all these marks to sail through so quickly and cleanly, with no similar marks, no identical marks, no issues with specifications — boy, it’s weird,” he said.

Even weirder than that, is the fact that all but three of these business trademarks are in the president’s name. The US Constitution calls it a crime, for a public servant to accept anything of value from foreign governments. If he put the trademarks in Ivanka or Baron’s name, that would be something up to interpretation. Since he put all of them in his name, there is no question that our president is violating the constitution.

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The trademark for Trump construction services have already been registered in Trump’s name. While Trump was campaigning to be our president, his lawyers were busy in China quietly applying for these trademarks. At the time, Trump was accusing China of currency manipulation and stealing our jobs. Incidentally, this trademark is a result of a decade long battle. As soon as he became president though, the battle was over, and the trademark was turned in Trump’s favor.

How much do you think Trump will sell America for?