Did you know that, according to a Politifact article, Trump’s cabinet picks have as much wealth as a third of the country? Such a shocking ratio should send chills down your spine. Not only does this prove that our economy allows a handful of people to control such unbounded wealth, but it also conveys a disheartening reality of our government. Do these multi billionaires really represent us? Will their decisions be in the best interest of the people that elected them?

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Take Obamacare, for example. The entire healthcare platform was funded through taxs. That word is misspelled to make it the four letter word republicans perceive it as. Nothing chaps their ass more than paying for “someone else’s insurance”. This is why republicans fought Obamacare more than any legislation in history. They can’t stand the thought of their taxes helping someone else. The same with welfare. Republicans paint these ghoulish images of some minority female whose sole existence, is to spit out one baby a week and collect welfare on each one of them.

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Such an augmented vision is far from reality. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, about 45% of welfare goes to kids under 18, 9% to those who are 60 or older and 10% to the disabled. When those republican politicians fight to redirect money from welfare to their wealthy buddies’ pockets, now you know who they are starving.


Here is a very interesting graph. It shows that Americans, during Obama’s presidency, already pay next to nothing in taxes, compared to the rest of the world. We pay as about as much as Mexico. Still, republicans contend we pay way too much!!

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Denmark pays the most taxes in the world. As a result, Denmark is considered the happiest place on earth. The Danes have a cool attitude. They don’t see it as a high tax rate, but rather an investment in their society. In other words, they perceive their tax as paying for a quality of life.

Trump proposed to drop our tax rate even deeper! How does Trump intend to improve our country by handing every penny to his friends? I feel as if our president is robbing us to give to his family and friends. Am I wrong?

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Wealth inequality has always been difficult to maintain in society. As a result, mankind must struggle to keep it in check. Republicans can easily blame their greed on an innate trait buried within all living specimens. A sweet little baby won’t think twice about snatching his brother’s lollipop.

However, many societies, such as the Netherlands, are smart enough to recognize the benefits of spreading the wealth. Societies that are content are efficient, those that are resentful are a time bomb waiting to explode.

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Ten years after our own revolution was the French Revolution. This event was as a result of the same events that are transpiring right now and right here, in your backyard.

The French Revolution defied the class system. The French Revolution also abolished feudalism and the divine right of king. As a result, the French Revolution is the most important event in world history.
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People can argue that the American Revolution was more important, considering that it occurred first. However, America was just born, whereas the French Revolution destroyed a social system that had been revolving since society was first created.
Before the French Revolution, France was divided into three groups. The First Estate was clergy and made up 1% of the population. The Second Estate was nobility, and made up 2% of the population. The Second Estate were decedents of the lords and nobles from the middle ages. The majority of this estate lived together in the palace of Versailles, one of the most decadent structures on the planet. The Third Estate was everyone else.
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The Third Estate was the only source of taxes. The church took 10% of their income. In addition, land tax, property tax and rent devoured everyone’s salary. In 1780, bad weather led to crop failures. Although people were starving, they still had to pay their taxes or face imprisonment. Meanwhile, a small handful of nobles played croquet in the gardens of Versailles.
A revolution was inevitable.
It was just a matter of time.
     -or should I write-
It is just a matter of time.