Conservative politicians have justified their Obamacare replacement by stating, that is what Americans wanted. Every time one of those shucksters gets in front of a microphone and has to defend their Obamacare replacement, they honorably claim to just be obeying the whims of the people. You can’t argue with that. They ran on repealing and replacement of Obamacare. They won. So now, they are just delivering what they promised.

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It is not that simple though. What if these politicians suffocated their supporters in lies? What if these lies persuaded voters to hate Obamacare?

Trump supporters who hate Obamacare so much, all typically soak in the same conservative media. The TV they watch, the radio they listen to and the politicians they support only talk about how terrible their healthcare is. This is how republicans brainwash their minions to vote against their best interest.

Irony is one mean son of a bitch!

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Now it seems that those same minions who hated Obamacare so much stand to lose the most with republican’s Obamacare replacement.

You can’t achieve such brilliant manipulation with someone who has a brain. Try going to a university and convincing the students that beer is bad and they should hand over their kegs. Not gonna happen. It isn’t so easy to trick someone with an education to vote against their best interests.

Trump’s initial fan base was uneducated, mid-America, older, and poor. That is a fact. Anyone disagrees with that please write a letter to my sources:

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PBS article – Trump overwhelmingly leads rivals in support from less educated Americans


New York Times article – Why Does Education Translate to Less Support for Donald Trump?

The Donald even said how much he loved the uneducated.

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That same demographic who voted for Trump, will lose their health insurance under the republican replacement. Obamacare helped people who could not afford insurance. Such patients either pay for insurance or go to a hospital and get it for free. That is why everyone had to buy insurance. It defeats the purpose of insurance if only sick and old people get it. Why would a healthy 26 year old spend thousands a year on insurance, when they could just go to the hospital if they get sick?

Whereas Obamacare helped the poor, the republican healthcare replacement plan will redistribute wealth and benefits from the poor to the rich. Obamacare was funded through taxes. The republican replacement plan cuts taxes, so that the 400 wealthiest Americans get $7 million each, Washington Post article.

In place of the cost-sharing of Obamacare, lower income would get insurance under the republican replacement plan through fixed-dollar and age adjusted tax credits.

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The Kaiser Family Foundation illustrated how the republican Obamacare replacement will be more generous to younger, higher income people than Obamacare was. However, the new insurance will offer less assistance to older and lower-income people, with less of an education. Which group do you think the typical Trumpkin falls in?

I keep returning to the lack of education because that is a striking characteristic of the republican voter. Take the Obamacare republican replacement for example. How many Trump supporters do you think read it? If they did, they would have seen that the legislation was significantly worse for them than Obamacare. According to them, there was no need to read the bill, because it was replacing Obamacare. Remember Obamacare, according to Fox News, Breitbart and their politicians, was so terrible any replacement would be better.

Apparently, someone got the wool tossed over their eyes.

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