Trump’s Syrian missile launch was undoubtedly the greatest thing he has done so far for his presidency.

1 – Politicians on both sides of the aisle commended Trump’s assault. Global leaders praised Trump’s assault. Though, none of these leaders decided to join Trump in his attack.

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2 – The Trump-Russia connections have certainly died down. Now that Trump bombed a close Russian ally, of course he isn’t in cahoots with Putin. Though, the missile launch was so ineffective, that Syria was using that same “demolished” airstrip hours later. I wrote an article this weekend, alleging that this attack was so ineffective, that it was likely planned by Putin.

Those first two benefits polish up Trump’s image. CNN host Fareed Zakaria even said the day after the infamous Syrian shellacking, “I think Donald Trump became president of the United States last night.”

I used to respect Fareed Zakaria, but “I think” I won’t be watching his show anymore.

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What could be more important to The Donald than fixing his horrendous image? Give up? His bank account.

When those 59 missiles were launch last week, Donald Trump made a lot of money.

A 2015 Business Insider report shows that there are a lot of Raytheon shares in Donald Trump’s portfolio. Coincidentally, all of those 59 missiles that Donald Trump fired at Syria last week, were sold by Raytheon.

While his choice to go with the Tomahawk missiles might have made Trump and his family a lot of money, from a military perspective, the Tomahawk missiles were a terrible choice.

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The Tomahawk, in service since the 1980s, is a long-range cruise missile, able to be launched from land, air, or sea from over 1,000 miles away. With its 1,000 pound explosive warhead, it’s effective at blowing things up like buildings (or in the case of the Tomahawk cluster bomb variant, people) from a far distance, without putting anyone from the attacking party in harm’s way.

But the problem with a runway—a vast, flat expanse of concrete—is that it’s pretty hard to render it inoperable for a long amount of time. Even if a Tomahawk directly impacted the runway, it would just make a big hole in the ground. And a hole in the ground is easily defeated by a few people with a bulldozer that can just fill it back up pretty quickly. FoxTrotAlpha article

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According to the Russian Defense Ministry, of our 59 Tomahawk missiles, only 23 hit the targeted airfield. Of those 23 missiles that struck, despite costing the tax payer $60 million and stuffing a lot of dough in our president’s pockets, only a few shacks were destroyed.

The US missiles destroyed a training facility, a material storage depot, a canteen, six MiG-23 aircraft in repair hangars and a radar station. The runway on the airstrip was undamaged. Southfront article

In conclusion, last week’s Syrian bombing achieved nothing for the good of America or of the world. Syria was able to continue their chemical warfare hours later. Innocent Syrian children will continue to die in these raids. However, the only good that came of the bombing, was for Trump and Putin.

Americans should be pissed that we just paid $60 million dollars in our tax money, for this pointless military excursion.

And half the country is convinced this orange idol was sent by god.