Bernie Supporters Were Tricked With Fake News

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Oliver Mitov wrote thousands of fake news stories about Clinton. Oliver Mitov could have been one person or a few. All that we know about him is that he wrote a lot of news stories disparaging Hillary Clinton and posted them to Bernie facebook pages. We also know that he sent his stories from Albania.

Whoever Oliver Mitov was, his mission from the Kremlin was to get Bernie supporters to vote against Hillary in the election. Mitov was not alone. There were hundreds of journalists from Russia who each wrote thousands of fake news articles, culminating in a Tsunami of misinformation. Ask Bernie supporters why they hate Hillary so much, and you might hear something about how Clinton murdered her political opponents, used body doubles and ran child-sex rings.


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The biggest proof that I am right, when I speculate all of that seething hatred for Hillary was baseless and just contrived to put Trump in the White House, is the fact we haven’t heard anything about it since the election ended. Those scandalous accusations we heard about Hillary during the election were illegal. She could have gone to jail for a long time. As soon as Trump walked into the White House though, all of those stories mysteriously vanished.

John Mattes was a major Bernie supporter and investigative journalist. “We were played.”

“The campaign has not ended,” said Mattes.

“Russia is in our election process, and we don’t know how to stop it,” he said. “We didn’t have a vehicle to shut it down. We were being victims en masse.” TimesofSanDiego Article

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I’m sorry Bernie supporters. You put up a valiant fight, but there is no disagreeing with the facts. According to Mattes,

  • 8.7 million shares, reactions and comments on Sanders-backing Facebook pages were fake bogus anti-Clinton attacks.
  • Less than 7.4 million shares, reactions and comments on these same Sanders pages were from valid news sources.
  • Eight percent of voters between the ages of 18-40 voted third party.
  • Hillary lost Wisconsin by 44,000 votes. 144,000 Wisconsin votes went third party.

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In November, Google’s top news link for “final election results” went to a fake news site with false numbers, while research suggests that the most popular fake stories were more widely read on Facebook than stories from traditional media outlets in the final three months of the campaign. TheAustralian article

BernieSanders 2020 site had 60,000 members. This was a site that lots of Bernie supporters got their news from. However, a closer scrutiny of the site would reveal that all of the stories came from Moscow and not Massachusetts. BernieSanders2020 was filled with vicious anti-Clinton stories. As a result, Russia got their puppet elected. Putin sends his thanks to everyone who voted for Bernie!

Putin’s plan was executed brilliantly! Bernie supporters would read these crazy articles, alleging that Hillary was pimping a child sex ring, and they got so angry and they hated Hillary so much. Come election day most, if not all Bernie supporters, couldn’t get themselves to vote for Hillary.

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Even after Bernie came out and pleaded with his supporters to vote for Hillary, the animosity was so intense that they chose to ignore Bernie.

Donald Trump’s victory was essentially a perfect storm. So many different forces went against Hillary. Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate in history. Furthermore, Donald Trump was the least qualified candidate. Consequently, there were many different contributing factors to Hillary’s defeat.

As much as those Bernie supporters claim innocence, America should thank them for the shit swamp were in now.


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Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.


  1. What the serious fuck? This is such a piece of garbage my head is spinning. There is an avalanche of reasons HRC was a bad candidate (human, mother, you name it) and it wasn’t these articles nor was it Russia. This is Hillbot propaganda fake news 101.

  2. The most ironic thing is that most Bernie supporters stopped watching MSM very early in the primary because it was already completely obvious they were backing Hillary exclusively. How could we be tricked by “fake news” we didn’t even expose ourselves to?! Stupid article by a person who obviously was not part of the movement.

  3. Bernie supporters were not tricked. All we had to do was sit and watch what Clinton, the DNC, the DC establishment and the media did to sabotage the Sanders campaign. It really wasn’t difficult.

  4. What a crock! Most of our minds were made up before those alleged thousands of fake stories were written. Whatever fake news was published did not change her 20 year history of disregarding FOIA, and her intimate role in the same two families running the government after 1980.

  5. Clintonitis is a true disaster and is her own worst enemy. That is the real truth and not a lie or fabrication. She just needs to open her mouth and prove it. She is history because no progressive will ever vote for her or her neobliberal ilk. This lame headline sounds like something from her progopagandist daughter or David Brock aka Correct the Record or whatever he’s calling it these days. We can smell those rats a mile away.

  6. What the DNC and their water carriers fail to realize is Bernie’s supporters are people who think and research.We don’t just absorb news through a tube put into our brains as their sheeple do.

  7. Bernie supporter here, no not tricked by “fake news”. I voted FOR Sanders, because of his focus on issues. I wish clinton losers would realise that the voters they are still pushing away, are the ones they will be whining for in 2020, but as they continue to build that wall, the search begins for the next Nader. Stupid “democrats”. Its about issues first. Its over, you beat sanders and blew the presidency. Now you got gorsuch. Hang on Ginsberg, it doesnt look good.

  8. Bernie pages became brutal and stupid. I hope this explains some of it and I hope all the BS was coming from outside the real Bernie camp. Sure some were tricked by it and joined in.

  9. True, unrelated to the slander that sanders supporters are gullible idiots manipulated by putin. Ruth Ann is a russian tool, intent on splitting progressive voters, i wont have it.

  10. The fight against the people taking the government back is bravely fought by Hillary supporters.
    I used to think Demi were a little smarter than the republican base, but I was wrong.

  11. Bernie had 30 years to promote his agenda. He ran on a stolen ticket, spread Russian lies about Hillary, and spewed rainbow and unicorn ideas with no plan to actually execute them. Lazy, Russian puppet. Just like Trump. Two sides of the same coin. Which is why he won’t release his tax returns.

  12. lots of crazy things but one big problem was that there was set a strict standard where one had to totally agree with non Bernie-like posts or one was a labeled a “paid troll”. I was accused of being a troll many for asking “what if” questions. I think these accusations must have have come from real trolls or those tricked by them down into non productive rabbit holes

  13. Nope, listened to sanders, preferred his focus, voted for him, then against trump. Hillary blew it, and her hatefull minions cant man up and take responsibility (like SHE has). Thats what will split the vote down the road, and we will end up with another gorsuch when RBG gives out. Congrats to the winners.

  14. This article is absolute nonsense! As someone who was very active for Bernie and is still active in DSA and Indivisible, my experience is that Bernie supporters are FAR more about policies than gossip. The sort of trash discussed in this article was only discussed in terms of trolls in any meetings or phone banks I attended.

  15. This article is absolute nonsense! As someone who was very active for Bernie and is still active in DSA and Indivisible, my experience is that Bernie supporters are FAR more about policies than gossip. The sort of trash discussed in this article was only discussed in terms of trolls in any meetings or phone banks I attended.

  16. What a load of crap. Yeah Russia hacked my brain and made it function. Unlike blue dog Dems my memory works! I remember what she did to Libya, hondouous, Haiti. I remember her love of fracking and Monsanto. Thanks Russia for making me remember who Hillary really is. SO freaking dumb. the Dems are still pushing this? I can’t even. She SUCKED and SUCKS. and president popsicle is still the lesser evil.

  17. I agree! People are doing the party no favors by buying it was all Putins fault. What else do they need to lose to understand that half their base is pissed, Independents are less than impressed and good luck getting Green party support with this crap or even pulling any Trump supporters back in the mix. I will say this again and again, if the party wishes to be the party of the future the party must change. If the party wishes to meet its demise like the Whig Party, they will maintain status quota. It’s really that simple.

  18. What is the point? She is a turd, just do not vote for turds. I realize Anericans are too slow to understand this though… she and her neoliberal policies are garbage. Yet, that is what Republicans and Democrats are–garbage and we keep on A) talking about them and B) voting for them. What the hell is wrong with us??? Why are we still trying to convince our neighbors these two pieces of trash named Clinton and Trump aren’t worth voting for–96% voted for the trash pile any way!!! What is wrong with us? Americans love liars and weirdos.

  19. Hillary supporters have been tricked with 30 years of fake news on her, giving her cover for her lies, misrepresenting her tragic record and pushing whatever narratives she wants them to push.

  20. Bernie is the least effective senator ever. He has no achievements, just talk. He has no idea how to govern, and he’s admitted it publicly to Chris Matthews. He has no business telling anyone what to do.

  21. I wish, i know a couple greens that completely buy the Russian Propaganda, but before that, they were buying other propaganda, so it fits the pattern for them. Instead of voting for people, we try to vote against someone and it does not work like that. There is no such thing as a negative vote, but maybe there should be??? People voted for Trump in order to “vote against” Clinton. Turds of a feather…

  22. Ya huh, that’s it. Totally got us. Has nothing to do with knowing what’s happening and basing your thoughts on facts and/or reality. Please tell us again how Russia somehow had something to do with our election whilst ignoring the fact that our elections haven’t been genuine for decades already…

  23. I’m sorry, but I watched Roberta Lange steal the Nevada primary from Bernie. I watched Arizona’s SOS admit to defrauding Bernie and created voter suppression. I saw Bernie’s ballots get whited out and replaced with Hillary in San Diego. I listened to poll workers who say they were taught to give out only provisional ballots to Bernie voters in CA. I watched Bronx voters get suppressed with unfair voting hours. I’ve watched 14 million voters leave the DNC. If the media faked all that, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

  24. I dont hate hillary, i just didnt think she could overcome the base line of hate that had been laid out for literally years. Sadly, that turned out to be true.

  25. The Alt Right, Russian bots & radical extreme left $pent billions $fake news including destruction Hillary’s reputation non stop tsunami of attacks that insisted on projections even Bernie believed lies because it was non stop, 24/ 7

  26. Ummm…they weren’t tricked. He was obvious and ridiculous. Seems to me he was on this page too.
    The only ones who were fooled were Trump supporters. They ate it up.

  27. this is what they tell each other in their echo chamber. democrats like to talk about the bubble the Republicans are in but it’s their bubble too. The denial is just stronger with democrats

  28. We weren’t tricked by fake news. We were smart enough to know the difference. The Dems tried to trick us into voting for same old same old, though. We were too smart for them. She did not have her coronation, and no matter what happens, I am happy I did not let that happen.

  29. These article had nothing to do with why I disliked Hillary. He attitude like the presidency was hers. They fact they kept listing super delegate during primary , when they done vote to the convention and the fact that bernie won popular votes in states and still , because of the reporting of super delegates , Hillary got more votes. And finally the Democrats telling us that our vote don’t matter during the primaries. They can use their super delegate votes the way they wanted. U tell me my vote don’t matter in primaries but then tell it they count during the general election. Say shooting ur self in the foot.

  30. Bullshit. We saw the rigging as it happened, saw and heard it reported on social media from boots on the ground. And when no one believed us, Wikileaks released the actual emails proving it and the DNC never denied it, just fired their five top employees (essentially confirming it). Then DNC replacements (IE: Brazille) also admitted to cheating. No tricks there – just the truth.

  31. We all knew why we were for Bernie, and it was because of his positions and integrity. And we knew why we were #NeverHillary. Because of her positions and her lack of integrity.

  32. Bernie’s campaign manager also worked with Russia. That is why people are saying when you compare Bernie and Trump’s campaign, they match in the type of campaigns ran. When I read that his manager actually had ties to Russia just like Manafort, it changed the way I looked at Bernie. Trump ran anti-Republican and Bernie ran anti-Dem yet neither belonged to those parties.

  33. What’s so sad is that America used to be seen as a beacon of light for the rest of the world. Sure we had some missteps, but they seemed to be isolated incidents. Now though, attacks on our democracy seem to be pervasive. With all his bravado, I sincerely thought Bill O’Reilly was a conservative Christian with firm beliefs. Now it appears that O’Reilly and Roger Ailes were man who abused their power, much like Bill Cosby.
    I’m considered a senior citizen now and I like to believe these times are bearable because our country was founded on principles laid out in our constitution. I just hope younger people will become emboldened and not cynical. We baby boomers looked at the world and didn’t shy away from becoming involved when we saw things that were wrong and worked to make things better. We didn’t always go about trying to change things the right way, but I know in the end we did help make things better in the long run. I hope our children will do the same.

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