Oliver Mitov wrote thousands of fake news stories about Clinton. Oliver Mitov could have been one person or a few. All that we know about him is that he wrote a lot of news stories disparaging Hillary Clinton and posted them to Bernie facebook pages. We also know that he sent his stories from Albania.

Whoever Oliver Mitov was, his mission from the Kremlin was to get Bernie supporters to vote against Hillary in the election. Mitov was not alone. There were hundreds of journalists from Russia who each wrote thousands of fake news articles, culminating in a Tsunami of misinformation. Ask Bernie supporters why they hate Hillary so much, and you might hear something about how Clinton murdered her political opponents, used body doubles and ran child-sex rings.


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The biggest proof that I am right, when I speculate all of that seething hatred for Hillary was baseless and just contrived to put Trump in the White House, is the fact we haven’t heard anything about it since the election ended. Those scandalous accusations we heard about Hillary during the election were illegal. She could have gone to jail for a long time. As soon as Trump walked into the White House though, all of those stories mysteriously vanished.

John Mattes was a major Bernie supporter and investigative journalist. “We were played.”

“The campaign has not ended,” said Mattes.

“Russia is in our election process, and we don’t know how to stop it,” he said. “We didn’t have a vehicle to shut it down. We were being victims en masse.” TimesofSanDiego Article

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I’m sorry Bernie supporters. You put up a valiant fight, but there is no disagreeing with the facts. According to Mattes,

  • 8.7 million shares, reactions and comments on Sanders-backing Facebook pages were fake bogus anti-Clinton attacks.
  • Less than 7.4 million shares, reactions and comments on these same Sanders pages were from valid news sources.
  • Eight percent of voters between the ages of 18-40 voted third party.
  • Hillary lost Wisconsin by 44,000 votes. 144,000 Wisconsin votes went third party.

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In November, Google’s top news link for “final election results” went to a fake news site with false numbers, while research suggests that the most popular fake stories were more widely read on Facebook than stories from traditional media outlets in the final three months of the campaign. TheAustralian article

BernieSanders 2020 site had 60,000 members. This was a site that lots of Bernie supporters got their news from. However, a closer scrutiny of the site would reveal that all of the stories came from Moscow and not Massachusetts. BernieSanders2020 was filled with vicious anti-Clinton stories. As a result, Russia got their puppet elected. Putin sends his thanks to everyone who voted for Bernie!

Putin’s plan was executed brilliantly! Bernie supporters would read these crazy articles, alleging that Hillary was pimping a child sex ring, and they got so angry and they hated Hillary so much. Come election day most, if not all Bernie supporters, couldn’t get themselves to vote for Hillary.

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Even after Bernie came out and pleaded with his supporters to vote for Hillary, the animosity was so intense that they chose to ignore Bernie.

Donald Trump’s victory was essentially a perfect storm. So many different forces went against Hillary. Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate in history. Furthermore, Donald Trump was the least qualified candidate. Consequently, there were many different contributing factors to Hillary’s defeat.

As much as those Bernie supporters claim innocence, America should thank them for the shit swamp were in now.


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