President Trump became president by raping our democracy. If there is one thing that Donald Trump has taught me, it is how easy it is for someone to steal our election, like a pack of cigarettes from the local gas station. In the eyes of the law however, it is questionable that Trump did anything wrong. He didn’t steal the election with voter fraud, rather he took advantage of our nation’s democratic process. He focused on regions of uneducated citizens and told them what they wanted to hear.

As a result, Donald Trump became our president. As a result, my life will be worse. Why should I suffer because other people are easily fooled?

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Not even three months into his presidency, and already huge swarms of people that supported Trump are now turning against him. I write articles on this very subject often. We all knew it would happen. It was inevitable. How could any president satisfy the uneducated poor as well as his gazillionaire buddies? He can’t. If Trump had to choose, which wealth demographic do you think he is more loyal to?

Regardless, they were tricked. As a result, beautiful Lady Liberty is now old and haggard. She hobbles down the street, using her torch as a cane.

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What is done is done. I have to look at his fat orange face every time I turn on the television. Assuming that he is not impeached, we are all in this sinking boat for the next four years. However, whose to say next election, another clown uses the same tricks as Trump and becomes president. Now we know that anyone with a big enough mouth and a fat enough wallet could become president.

We could enforce some sort of intelligence test before people vote. That way, those mindless sheep that stood in the rain for two days just to be in the same arena as The Donald, would be unable to cast a vote. Or, we could automatically deny everyone who voted for Trump the ability to vote.

Neither of those ideas would work, because they contradict our founding father’s intentions almost as flagrantly as Donald Trump’s “love for the uneducated”. The answer lies in education. There is a reason why Republicans always try to reduce the amount we put into education. The more education someone has, the less likely they are to vote republican.

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This reminds me of one of Trump’s campaign promises. By telling unemployed coal miners that he was going to get them back to work, Trump got their vote. He would miraculously transform our country from natural gas driven to coal driven. Although using coal costs a lot more and it is very damaging to our environment, coal miners believed Trump that he would get their jobs back.

What if Trump offered to improve our nation’s education, so that these unemployed coal miners could become bankers or IT programmers? Instead he wants to build a wall and deport illegal immigrants?