Blogger Mike Cernovich is furious that Steve Bannon is no longer Trump’s right hand man. As a result, Cernovich has threatened to release a litany of Trump scandals concerning drugs and orgies, if Trump boots Bannon.

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Mike Cernovich and Steve Bannon were instrumental in getting Trump elected. Steve Bannon sculpted Trump’s political ideology, while Mike Cernovich created some outrageous headlines that pummeled Hillary to a point of no return. Although entirely baseless, those weird Pizzagate articles, as well as those damaging stories questioning Hillary’s health, all began in the mind of alt-right blogger Cernovich. TheDailyBeast article

Now that Trump is elected, he is kicking to the curb the same alt-right crew that got him elected. Mike Cernovich was played. Trump used him to get elected. Now that he is in, he doesn’t need him anymore.

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Cernovich is not going without a fight though. On a recording Thursday night, Cernovich threatened to release some juicy Trumplicious scandals, if Bannon is booted.

“If they go after Bannon, the mother of all stories is gonna drop, and we’re just gonna destroy marriages, relationships—it’s gonna get personal.”

Such a threat seems kind of fishy. Is Trump really willing to abandon his biggest supporters as well as offend the nation’s number one fake news journalist? That sounds like presidential suicide.

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As preposterous as that scenario appears, it seems that is exactly what our president is doing.

“I will go TMZ on the globalists.” Cernovich said on a recording. “I will go Gossip Girl on the globalists. I will go Gawker on the globalists. So you mother-effers going after Bannon, just know I broke two of the biggest stories before anybody else,” Cernovich said on his Periscope. “If you think I don’t know the pills people are popping, the mistresses, the sugar babies—I know all of it. So you better be smart. Because the mother of all stories will be dropped because I don’t care.”

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Sure sounds like heads a’ gonna roll!

His son-in-law Jared and his daughter Ivanka, AKA Jarvanka, have been battling Bannon for months. This was an intense struggle for power. In the end, Jarvanka won. Jared and Ivanka were registered Democrats. As a result, they were unable to vote for their father in the primaries. Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon could not have more opposing political mindsets. Forced to chose, our president is embracing his liberal background. The alt-right is furious about this.

President Trump is the complete opposite of candidate Trump. Trump’s campaign slogan was ‘America first’. He convinced his supporters that “The US is not the world police.”

Hard to argue with that message. Why should we pay billions of dollars protecting a foreign country when some of our own citizens are starving? Trump took this message straight from Bannon’s populist themes. However, within just a few weeks of his presidency, he has already begun two major military moves. The taxpayer spent about $100 million on Trump’s rash Syrian missile launch. What happened to America first? DailysAbah article

Trump even campaigned AGAINST intervening in Syria. Trump’s Syrian move turned even the most loyal Trumpkin against him. Blogger Mike Cernovich, Anne Coulter, and radio host Laura Ingraham were all forced to reject Trump as soon as he launched those missiles. Vox article

In addition, Republicans across the country are puzzled over the recent Trump addition of  Gary Cohn as White House Economic Council Director. Not only is the guy a life-long Democrat, but he is also a former Goldman Sachs president FoxNews article.

Huh? I thought Donald Trump didn’t like Goldman Sachs?

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As these past tweets illustrate, Trump despised Goldman Sachs during the campaign. During the campaign, Goldman Sachs was the epitome of that sewage swamp that had deluged our country. During the campaign, ask Donald Trump what is wrong with the country and he’d tell you, Goldman Sachs.

However, after he gets elected he nominates TWO Goldman Sachs democrats to lead our economy.

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Could this all be Donald’s ultimate plan? Remember when Donald professed his love for the uneducated? Could it be that Trump just lied to conservatives just so that they would vote for him? He could never have become president on the Democratic ticket. Democrats would never have believed his lies. As soon as he became president, however, he did a complete 180. Remember, Donald was a democrat for most of his life. Until he decided to run for president, actually.