The democrats are the party of defense. Their greatest victories are never their own concoctions, but rather from the failures of their opposition.

Perhaps the democrats are forced to adopt this strategy of ineffectiveness. Remember, republicans are the party of money. Who do you think will win, the guy that represents a million people in poverty or the one who represents a hundred millionaires? Money talks, especially when it concerns legislation that might take some of that money away.

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A fat bank account also shadows ethics. You won’t hear the angel strumming her harp over the monster truck blaring Kid Rock. Everywhere in America, you see something branded by conservatives. Republicans have the number one media corporation, Fox, in their pocket. Turn on the computer and you are bombarded with weird pro-republican fake news stories from Russia.

Sorry folks, but at the end of the day, republicans win.

Junior committed the worst crimes against this country in our history. He lied to us about going to a war that killed thousands of our beautiful children, and also plunged our country into an economic abyss. His staff painstakingly fabricated the intel that fooled congress into voting for the war, as well as Americans into supporting the war. Anywhere else in the world, the party responsible for such destruction would be finished. In America though, the party of money never dies.

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Would you believe, our tax payer has spent millions of dollars more investigating Hillary’s email scandal than Junior’s war fabrication!? In fact, republicans launched eight investigations into Hillary. As soon as each investigation concluded Hillary did nothing wrong, those wily republicans would just launch another investigation into the same baseless accusations!

The best (and only) weapons against republicans, is their own greed. Give them power, and they will abuse and rape everything in their path. Whether it be tearing down our forests, or starving our less affluent, or starting wars that kill our youth, republicans are on one mission – to save the wealthy money.

Donald Trump is no different. He is blinded by greed. In his crusade for ultimate wealth, he has promised to take away healthcare from the same people who support him, he has already started a military conflict and is on the precipice of yet another, plus he stands to set our taxes to the lowest in history. Each of these promises will net the president a lot of cash.

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Trump supporters have been duped. They are starting to realize this. The recent election in Kansas is proof. At first glance, republicans might have breathed a sigh of relief. They won this special election. Ron Estes over James Thompson by 6%.

However, this district could be the staunchest republican district in the county. Still, republicans dumped millions of dollars into the election and even had The Donald and Mike Pence supporting the republican candidate. And they won by a measly 6%!

Donald Trump trounced through this district, and won by 27 points! Kansas going democrat is like California going republican. It just doesn’t happen. This certain district in Kansas, had not been democratic for decades.

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Democrats did not expect to win Kansas. But it certainly makes them feel more encouraged about the upcoming Georgia election to replace Trump’s HHS Secretary Tom Price. Democrats do better in this republican district. PoliticusUSA

Alas, there are no democrats to credit for these victories. Our greatest weapon is the republican politician, and how they consistently bamboozle their sheep.