In Exchange for $1 Million from Dow Chemical, Trump will Ignore Studies that Prove Pesticides Kill Animals as well as Humans

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Dow Chemical is paying our president to let them sprinkle their deadly pesticides across your kid’s playground! Remember Trump’s campaign slogan, how he was going to ‘drain the swamps’? Remember all of his star struck supporters reasoning how Trump was so wealthy, ‘I reckon, he don’t need to be greedy and corrupt’? Apparently, Trump’s corruption has soared to mortifying levels. Most noteworthy, when your kid is born with a defective brain, don’t blame Trump, don’t blame Dow Chemical, blame those stupid Trumpkins that actually voted for this!

Dow Chemical has been handing Donald Trump money, to get rid of the findings of a group of scientists. These findings pinpoint some pesticides made by Dow, as being so fatal to have caused 1,800 species to become extinct or endangered.

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Dow Chemical made their requests through letters, dated April 13. Associated Press obtained the letters. According to the AP, this pesticide was “originally derived from a nerve gas developed by Nazi Germany.” VanityFair article

Dow Chemical and Trump’s White House have a great relationship. Dow Chemical Chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris is actually a close adviser to Donald Trump.

As a result, Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency decided to reverse Obama’s actions to limit the use of chlorpyrifos pesticide on the food your kid eats. Studies prove, even the smallest exposure can stunt the growth of a babies brain. LA Times article

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A spokesman for Trump’s EPA, only seemed to reiterate the Environmental Protection Agency’s allegiance with big business. Consequently, Dow Chemicals and the White House are bed buddies.

“We have had no meetings with Dow on this topic and we are reviewing petitions as they come in, giving careful consideration to sound science and good policy-making,” said J.P. Freire, EPA’s associate administrator for public affairs. “The administrator is committed to listening to stakeholders affected by EPA’s regulations, while also reviewing past decisions.” LA Times article

Efforts to stunt the spread of pesticide diazinon, goes as far back as the Bush presidency. In 2005, Bush was presented with irrefutable evidence that diazinon damaged children’s brains. As a result, he banned the harmful pesticide.

Essentially, a president’s job is to protect the people, not willfully poison them, as Trump is doing. After previous presidents banned these harmful chemicals, President Trump is allowing them to flow in our rivers and blow in our wind. Oh yeah, the president is also great friends with the president of Dow Chemicals.

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  1. Someone needs to reach out to Ivanka, and tell her if this goes through, her own children will be in deep trouble. Maybe if it is put close, he won’t sign it into law.

  2. let’s test this shit on trump supporters and their families, they don’t care if our families are harmed or killed. if they want to poison us foe money, trump and dow should start with those special people that made this all possible, trump voters!!

  3. Oh….you mean like $HilLIARy wouldn’t really want to make all HER Masters mad? Big Pharma, Big Oil/Fracking/Gas, Wall Street, Weapons Manufacturers, Teacher’s Unions, Monsanto, Walmart, China, Big Ag, Saudi Arabia, Israel, George Soros, Goldman Sach’s & Other Banks (several which finance pipelines)…..anybody who gave to her bogus “Foundation”…..anybody who gave to her husband’s four different campaigns or to her Four Campaigns…….

  4. did you watch trump signing this order to deregulate these chemicals? after signing he waved the pen around and playfully said, “let me see who should get this pen, i think…. (dow ceo name) should get it” trump them handed it to the dow ceo who was grinning ear to ear!!! sickening!!

  5. OMG…. I really wonder if he really knows what he is doing. But then he is so, beyond wicked. No one will buy our produce. He is making us more and more a 3rd world nation. He has to get out of there.

  6. trump doesn’t care if these chems. get into our food, the trumps have been eating at their putrid parasit infested, rotten food resort mag got largo, and lived……they can eat anything now

  7. Is this a tweet from Russia? During the campaign Russia pumped those exact fake news headlines across our internet. Either you are from Russia, or you fell for all of those lies. Donald Trump thanks suckers like you that believed those lies. I guess we have you to thank for Trump.

  8. It is definately hell on earth now and trump & company are Satan and his demons! He is killing his own legacy to his grandchildren all for money but money won’t buy him a new planet or a healthier life! Thank you mr ASSHOLE

  9. Trump is an enemy of the country- he is by far the absolute worst president in history- GW is breathing a sigh of relief – Trump and his administration are terrorists-

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