For those of you who Glorified Traitor Assange, FBI is now Seeking his Arrest

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Once upon a time, Julian Assange was considered an American hero, kind of like Johnny Appleseed. Once upon a time, people perceived his website, Wikileaks, as this righteous forum of justice. All of those dark secrets our government tries to veil, were revealed through Wikileaks.

Ironically, all of those “secrets” seemed to be aimed at smearing Hillary Clinton. The one candidate who refused to reveal his tax returns, those secrets, Wikileaks would not uncover. However, despite the thousands of her emails that Wikileaks revealed, nothing too damaging came to light. Still, Julian Assange kept baiting America. He kept promising that he would “one day” reveal emails that would “lock her up”. But nothing ever came.

Now, the US is reviving attempts to arrest Julian Assange, according to attorney-general Jeff Sessions. That fact alone is puzzling. Julian Assange was a tremendous boost to Trump’s campaign. The fact that he is authorizing his arrest, certainly provokes a few question marks.

You have to take everything this orange madman does with a grain of salt. Political analysts, for example, have concluded that his bombing of Syria was staged by Putin. After all, Syria was notified even BEFORE congress of the invasion. Plus, the bombing caused no damage. All that the bombing did, was convince very gullible news analysts that Trump and Putin are not secretly colluding.

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It will be interesting to see how far this arrest warrant for Julian Assange goes. Seemingly, Trump is out for Assange, so of course, Assange never conspired with Trump. In the same vein though, any one who thought Trump and Putin conspired, would have no argument now that Trump bombed Putin’s ally.

If you were an angry foreign leader for Halloween, you would be doing everything Putin does. Putin claimed that the Syria bombing was “illegal” and that US and Russia relations are at risk, NYTimes. Russian war planes have been spotted twice off  the Alaskan coast in 24 hours CNN.

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“We are going to step up our effort and already are stepping up our efforts on all leaks,” attorney general Jeff Sessions said. “This is a matter that has gone beyond anything that I’m aware of . . . So, yes, it is a priority. Whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail.”  CNN article

Some of the first things the Trump administration has done concern setting the public right about the alleged ties between Putin, Assange, and Trump.

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Obama was unable to prosecute Assange and Wikileaks because it is such a delicate matter. Presidents can’t trample a toe over freedom of speech. Prosecute Wikileaks for releasing such confidential information, what about The New York Times and The Washington Post, that published the same information?

Regardless of how much Wikileaks helped Trump, Pompeo, Trump’s CIA Director, does not share such affinity. Pompeo also accused Edward Snowden of leaking American government documents for selfish reasons.
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Mike Pompeo’s first speech as CIA Director was not about ISIS or China, rather he attacked Julian Assange and called Wikileaks a “non-state hostile intelligence service” that is often abetted by “state actors like Russia.”

Asked why to focus on WikiLeaks, Pompeo said he felt it was vital to inform the American people about the threat they pose.

In the case of Snowden, Pompeo said the detrimental impact of his leaks was expensive and that more than 1,000 foreign targets attempted to change their means of communication as a result of the Snowden disclosures.

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“The bottom line is that it became harder for us in the intelligence community to keep Americans safe. It became harder to monitor the communications of terrorist organizations that are bent on bringing bloodshed to our shores.  Snowden’s disclosures helped these groups find ways to hide in the crowded digital forest,” he said. FoxNews article

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  1. LOL dumbass Hillbot. Assange isn’t a US citizen so by definition can’t be a traitor. Assange is a hero for delvering us the truth, anyway, because the American people deserve to know the truth about their leaders. If anything, the politicians of both parties are the traitors for willfully deceiving the American people.

  2. Why don’t they just arrest all the legitimate journalists. Not the Corporate Shrills, of course. What a lot of crap Carry on Assange. The world needs people who tell it the way it is. The first amendment is under attack. Even if this is a “false flag, it is about time, that man is given his freedom.

  3. It would be difficult to arrest him for “treason” considering he is Australian. The UN describes his current situation as one of “arbitrary detention” and he has many supporters both in the US and around the world. The sealed indictment against him in a secret US court probably is at the behest of the NSA, though it is dubious as to whether Wikileaks has ever actually “hacked” anything. They do, of course, publish materials provided to them — as with the Manning case. Despite the fact the WikiLeaks has also published many documents exposing shenanigans in Russia, and (I believe) it is complete nonsense to say he is “a Russian agent” or whatever, his connections to some Russian anti-semites is reprehensible (in my view) and he clearly released the DNC email leaks in a way that attempted to damage Clinton’s campaign, in other words, in a very partisan fashion. But love him or hate him, calling for his blood puts one in a league with the worst kind of deep state spooks. I tend to think he is a very good journalist (i.e., good at digging up info), but overly partisan in his approach.

  4. Yes, he is a traitor. A traitor to government corruption across the globe. Sorry that our government has piss-poor security…but I’m glad they do. Otherwise, us everyday folk would never get to see how our souls are being sold to the highest bidder behind closed doors. The OP should sign up for the military and be on the front lines when we’re dragged into war at the hand of corruption. Then you can praise the secrecy of your government as you’re shipped over to a never ending war you may never make it out of.

  5. It’s a crap clickbait site and the FBI is being run by Trump now who’s already stated his wish to “get” Assange. In other words, the big reveal for me here is that there is at least one Gigantic Moron in this group surnamed Lange.

  6. Remember when Democrats loved Wikileaks for exposing Republicans and then changed their mind for exposing the DNC?

    Remember when Trumpets loved Wikileaks for exposing Hillary but changed their mind for exposing Russian ties?

    Huh, seems like truth only matters when it’s convenient.

  7. Oh fuck off with this shit.

    You reposting this garbage is more traitorous to America than Julian. Also…how can someone who isn’t even an American citizen be considered ‘traitorous’ to America?

    Think before you post, dummy.

  8. Comey couldn’t find his own dick with both hands. The FBI is full romper room. How can Assange be considered a traitor when he is not American? In my opinion he has more American values and ideals than 99% of our politicians.

  9. He can’t be either a traitor or the president.

    He’s not a citizen.

    He wasn’t born here.

    He actually can’t even be called a patriot, even though I’m glad he’s exposed the secrets and hypocrisy.

    He’s really not a citizen of the USofA. He’s not even a resident.

    Stop it now.

  10. *Reveals information that helps the democrats*

    “He’s a hero!”

    *Reveals information that hurts the democrats*

    “He’s a traitor!”

    Only thing common between those two things is “reveals information”.

  11. Well, I’m all for revealing the truth 24/7 on things, but if it is done for a calculated and “unjust” reason, then no. Some of those emails from HRC, DNC and Podesta were revealing about the primaries and well, no surprise. There is rigging going on and it’s not really new news, but admittedly it’s good to read for one’s self. National secret that endanger military men’s lives…that I take high issue with!

    • Troy Patterson Can’t argue with that, Troy. Getting it done, once and for all, would be REALLY good. I hate the reality that mankind is full of good and NOT good minds/hearts/actions. ‘Be the change you want to see” is one of the best suggestions out there.

  12. Assange is not a US citizen. He has not broken any of our laws. He isn’t bound by them since he doesn’t even live here. He exposes truths that our government doesn’t want us to know. One more example of the underhanded hypocrisy of our government!

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