Oh boy, do I miss Obama! Obama’s eight years were like a calm between two tumultuous storms. Hate Obama all you want, but you really can’t disagree with that. The years that Obama was at the helm of our country,were generally void of dissent. Actually, most of the conflict during that time, came from republicans.

Every inch of that eight year yellow brick road, republicans threw up their arms and had their middle school hissy-fits. Remember little pipsqueak Eric Cantor, the House Majority leader? The very next morning after Obama was elected, he announced republican’s new goal was just to block everything Obama tried to pass.

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Hence, began the political gridlock. In those days, it was easier to teach Sarah Palin Cantonese, than it was for Obama to get a bill passed.

Republicans fought Obama on everything. A huge point of dissension was the exorbitant amount of traveling by Obama and his family.

Do a google search for ‘republican estimates of Obama travel’ and you’ll find some crazy articles. While I read them now, during a Trump presidency, I have a new insight which allows me to understand where they came from.

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Obama did everything right. Hence, his record high poll numbers when he left office. As a result, republicans needed to make headlines up. A very juvenile yet effective tactic was to attack Obama’s beautiful family and the vacations that they took. Most of us have graduated from seventh grade.

Obama vacations were always a YUGE republican issue. The only thought that made republicans angrier than Obama and family enjoying their vacation, was being told that their taxes paid for it!

Michelle’s ski trip marks 16 Obama vacations


NATIONAL SECRET: What Obama daughter’s vacation cost

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Just out of curiosity, I couldn’t help but wonder what sorts of articles the authors of those headlines just above, were writing now. Two of the three articles were written by Paul Bedard. A few days ago he wrote an article entitled, Mark Levin: ‘You should be very proud of your president, a real commander-in-chief’.

Though, not the sharpest tool in the shed, Rep. Michele Bachmann once said, “The president of the United States will be taking a trip over to India that is expected to cost the taxpayers $200 million a day.” 

According to a conservative definition of fake news, all of the articles I listed would be fake. The only sources that each article uses, are other popular fake news titles.

The blind leading the blind.

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Many Americans (uneducated) prefer to read news that they like as opposed to reading news that is true. The thought of Obama going on vacation (preferably to Africa) got every republican’s dick hard.

I’ll be the first to give credit where credit is due. The Donald’s presidency is already revealing some painful truths about our country. Thanks to The Donald, no one could refute that republicans are hypocrites. I’m sure some toothless grinning, wife beating conservative may argue that fact, but it is a winless fight.

Republicans fought Obama for excessive traveling, even though he really didn’t travel that much. However, they are fine with Trump’s traveling, even though Trump spends exorbitantly on his travels (to himself).

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Trump has spent more money on traveling in his first eighty days in office than any other president in American history did in their entire terms! According to this CNN article, if Donald Trump continues to visit his Palm Beach resort as frequently as he has, his trips will cost the taxpayer more money in one year, than Obamas’ did in his entire tenure!

What makes this even more disgusting, is that Trump owns that resort. Thus, he can charge as much as he wants, for him, his family and the secret service. Me and you have to pay it! That doesn’t include the cost that the foreign diplomats and their entourages will pay Trump to stay at his hotel.

The sweetest deal of all is the arrangement he has in Trump Towers. Since Barron doesn’t want to move to Washington, Melania and Barron will be shacking up in Trump Towers. As a result, a ton of secret service members need to rent expensive rooms from Donald Trump in Trump Towers!



The same person who wrote these tweets is on pace to be the highest spending president on travels in our nation’s history?