Lowering our nation’s tax rate has always been very important to Trump. Trump plans on lowering our taxes to 15%. That’ll save me and you a few hundred dollars. But as per Trump’s wealth, he will be saving millions! Collectively, that means there will be billions less spent on our nation’s roads, teachers, and police officers.

Finally, one campaign promise that Trump will keep! Everything he said on the campaign trail, turned out to be a lie. Everything from prosecuting Hillary, to building a wall, to kicking out Middle Easterns, to banning Hispanics, to getting rid of Obamacare, to being tough on China, to returning our economy to coal driven, and so many more, turned out to be lies.

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However, these lies served a purpose. Do you think Trump would be where he is today, had he never uttered these fallacies?

Trump’s ex-wife said how he used to read excerpts from Adolf Hitler’s book of speeches, every night before he went to sleep. Trump’s rise to power is remarkably similar to Hitlers’. Hitler said,

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually, they will believe it.

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One hundred days into his presidency and all of those bold promises have been desecrated into shallow lies.

However, one of those promises will persevere. Today, when Trump announces his tax plan, his campaign promise to lower our nation’s taxes will take flight. In fact, he will lower our taxes to basement levels rarely seen.

Republicans love to complain about taxes. After all, the republican party is driven by the wealthy elite. The same individuals who stand to lose a lot of their fortune, depending on the tax rate, donate handsomely to republican politicians, to assure the tax rate is low.

According to the figure above, from Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, our tax rate equals 26 percent of our (GDP). This figure is well below the 34 percent average for developed countries.

So our taxes are already significantly low. They are about to get a lot lower!

All those Trumpkins can keep snapping their overall straps, and keep chewing those stalks of hay, cause nothing will change. You were tricked. As a result, the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

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Ironically, lowering our tax rates was the one campaign promise that will save Trump a lot of money. Some stupid wall won’t make him any money, nor will kicking out Hispanics, those promises will not materialize. Saving himself tax money, that is one promise he will keep!