Once upon a time, 70 year old Judge Tim Nolan of California, Kentucky was a shining local republican figure. Just a year ago, the old judge was quite a fixture in the local Kentucky scene. His prominence was only growing. He was like a little bud in a garden of staunch ruby-red roses. Judge Nolan had a future in the republican party. Media in his neck of the woods, referred to Judge Nolan as an “outspoken supporter of the local Tea Party.”

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Judge Nolan was gradually making a presence in the tight Tea Party circles of Kentucky. In April 2016, Nolan unsuccessfully tried to replace Senate Majority Mitch McConnell as delegate to the RNC Convention.

Such dedication made Trump notice Judge Nolan. High up in the clouds of Trump Tower, Trump demanded that Judge Nolan be promoted. Eventually, Judge Nolan became Trump’s campaign manager in Campbell County.

Nolan only got into politics because he was such a die-hard Trumpkin. When he heard that Mitch McConnell, his state’s RNC delegate, was not planning on voting for Trump, he was on a trump-jective – to remove McConnell. WCSH6 article

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“There’s a concerted effort to try to keep Trump from gaining his rightful place as our nominee and he may not be supported by these delegates even if he was our nominee,” Nolan said.

Last year, Judge Nolan won a school board seat over someone with 10 years of school board experience and 27 years of teaching experience. How did newcomer Nolan manage such a victory over someone so seasoned? This was during last year’s presidential election, and Nolan just kept repeating Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

Nolan stood in those Kentucky middle school auditoriums and railed about “school choice vouchers” and the elimination of all local property tax revenue. The stands went wild. Trumpitis was spreading across Kentucky like wild fire.

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He was flying high. The backwoods of Kentucky loved Trump, and to hear a local boy emulating those beautiful nuggets of Trumpisms, was magnificent. Life was sweet.

But then, the storm clouds began to sail in.

If you’re gonna start slinging shit, be prepared to get some in your hair. Apparently, no one told Judge Nolan this back in middle school, so he had to learn it himself. As soon as he put on that ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, the once respected judge’s life began to unravel.

About a year ago, Judge Nolan sued the managers of a web site that featured photographs of him in a Ku Klux Klan outfit. The judge sued for defamation, claiming that the pictures were fake. Judge Nolan claimed that the photographs were spoiling his chances at a new career, as a boxing and mixed martial arts promoter. Cincinnati article

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It turns out the picture was not Nolan, but rather a dear friend of his. Nolan actually posted the picture of a Klansmen on his own Facebook page.

“It’s a joke in the neighborhood because every year [the friend] dresses up as a Klansman and he has two black grandchildren that he loves to death,” Nolan’s attorney said at the time. The Trump campaign kept Nolan on after the KKK incident. TheDailyBeast article

Who is dumber? Judge Nolan for posting that on his Facebook page, or Donald Trump for promoting the Grand Dragon of Kentucky?

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And his plunge through that downward spiral continued.

A few days ago, Judge Nolan was led through the same courthouse he used to work in. Except this time, he was in shackles and handcuffs. Judge Nolan was charged with felony human trafficking of a minor, felony inducing a minor to engage in sex and a third count of giving alcohol to a minor.

According to a press release, Nolan allegedly provided a minor with alcohol. Nolan then subjected this minor to commercial sexual activity.

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The alleged trafficking occurred between July and August 2016. Hence, this disgusting activity was taking place while he was Campbell County chairman for Trump’s campaign.

I guess it is true. God does not like Trumpkins.