Russia and Trump’s Main Goal was to Turn us Against Each Other – Did They Succeed?

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Trump had to turn us against each other in order to get elected. This frightening tactic was verified at the Senate Intelligence hearings. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s opening day of hearings the other week, was extremely interesting. Three experts in Russian espionage expressed their beliefs that Russia injected “fake news” across the American internet, in an attempt to influence our elections.

According to former FBI agent Clinton Watts, Russian intelligence was able to detect when Trump was online. At that moment, Russia would unleash conspiracy theories across thousands of Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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The Russian intent here, was that Trump would see the story and be influenced by it. He may even cite the story in a speech.

This much is fact. We just need to review some of Trump’s tweets and speeches to verify it. His insistence on such issues like the elections would be rigged, the massive voter fraud, Obama isn’t a citizen and that he was wiretapped, are all blatantly wrong. Also, they all originated from articles from Russia. Still, the president of the United States kept repeating them.

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Nothing helped our president more in getting elected, than these fake news stories. First of all, the more he preaches them the more distracted Americans are. Instead of focusing on his ties to Russia, we are forced to investigate his claims that ALWAYS turn out to be untrue.

Plus, its not like Trump made these stories up himself. When they turn out to be untrue, he could assert that he read the story on the internet. He had no idea the story wasn’t true.

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In addition, these fantastic fake news stories, paint an America riddled with corruption. Trump had to convince Americans that our country was declining.

Watts continued in his testimony and claimed that Russians dispensed fake news in an attempt to confuse U.S. voters and pit Americans against each other. According to Trump, we can’t trust anyone walking down the street. Hispanics, blacks and Muslims are all nursing secret agendas, aimed at taking something from the rest of us.

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Even Trump’s motto, ‘Make America Great Again’, is blatantly racist. The saying implies we are not great anymore. What recent transformation has stripped greatness from our country? Trump is insinuating our nation’s diversity is the reason why we aren’t great.

This logic has influenced thousands of Americans across the country to embrace attacks against minorities. According to these articles,

Cnn – Make America White Again’: Hate speech and crimes post-election

Time – Racist Incidents Are Up Since Donald Trump’s Election. These Are Just a Few of Them



God help our country…

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  1. Sure did. What the Pubes bomb others for internationally, the US governments oil army is doing here, too.
    Bloodless coup, a couple of dead Russians, most kicked out once the tRumputin puppet installed.
    Inside Job #2.
    This is , according to GB junior , ” that was some weird shit”, quote unquote.
    Get em out!

  2. I believe that Putin put forward the idea that if he helped Trump to get elected, TRump would give Quid Pro Quo for it and help Putin not only get sanctions lifted from Russia but, any other action that Putin wanted to get done! This faux difference between Trump and Putin is meaningless and will prove to be a red herring when the complete facts about what Trump and his minions have done finally come out! Remember, the investigations into Trump and his admin. were put on hold for Easter Break and will start again once the members of the committees get back to Washington, D.C. I am so ready to get to the bottom of Trump’s crimes! One member of the House committee has already said that there is evidence above circumstantial evidence to prove that there is at least collusion and maybe treason!! If all of Trump’s supporters would step back and take an unbiased look at what has been already said and done, they would understand that someone that isn’t guilty wouldn’t have so many indicators to the contrary!

  3. I believe they are still at it in the Democratic party. There is still an overwhelming amount of trolling against Hillary. They worked as hard as they could to defeat her and now they abuse her for losing.

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