Former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman was really the epitome of a republican politician. Those disgusting traits, pulsating in the veins of every deplorable republican, were even more vibrant in this jackass.

In 1995, he wrote an article for Guns & Ammo, alleging that the Waco siege was designed by the Clinton administration, fueling the need for a ban on assault weapons.

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Also in 1995, Stockman called for a Congressional investigation into Alfred Kiney’s 1948 Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. His goal was to change the way sexual education was taught in our schools. He said,

“[o]ur children have been taught that . . . any type of sex is a valid outlet for their emotions. They are taught that the problem with sex is not that it is wrong to engage in homosexual, bestial, underage, or premarital sex, but that it is wrong to do so without protection.”

If you look up the phrase ‘republican hypocrite’ you’d see a picture of Stockman’s fat and greasy face. When he was twenty, he got arrested with Valium in his pocket. The charges were eventually dropped.

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He went to San Jacinto College for one year, but dropped out because he had a nasty case of what he called the “partying syndrome”. (I’d kick my own ass if I used that term.)

“Salesman, 33, to run for Brooks seat”. Houston Chronicle. December 20, 1989. p. 26.

How does a sleazy drug addict become a politician? Steve Stockman artfully tossed all of his baggage out the window, as soon as he labeled himself a born-again.

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In 2017, Steve Stockman was arrested for using charity money to fund his campaign and for personal use. Cost of Valiums have been going up. According to the FBI, Stockman requested and received $350,000 in donations from an unidentified person.

The money was supposed to go to a Las Vegas-based nonprofit called Life Without Limits, but Stockman instead “secretly diverted the funds to pay for a variety of personal expenses and to fund illegal contributions to Stockman’s campaigns for public office,” the statement said. TexasTribune article

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Just like most republicans, Stockman was a real expert in veiling his crimes. According to the FBI, he had no formal control of the Life Without Limits organization. Instead, he opened a bunch of bank accounts under the name “Stephen E Stockman dba Life Without Limits.”

When Stockman went before the judge, he claimed that only had $17 in his bank account. Thus, he needed to swap his lawyers for some appointed to him at the government’s expense, according to the Houston Chronicle.

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After lying to his voters about being a born again, and then stealing from charities set up to help those same voters, now those voters will pay for his legal defense.

What fools!