Everything about this Syrian raid reeks of deception. The raid on Syria that Trump launched last night, was against almost every cabinet member’s advice. Even Donald Trump’s central campaign message of isolationism was rebuked. During the campaign, he even said he would just let Assad be.

He feels for them, yet they are not allowed in our country.

Apparently the disgusting horrors of the chemical attack traumatized Trump. At a news conference in the White House, Donald Trump said the images of “innocent children, innocent babies” choked by poison gas in the attack has led him to reassess his approach to Syria.

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As much of an impression these attacks left on Trump, if one of those little babies wanted to seek asylum in America, Trump would be blocking them at the door. Is it possible to be so outraged over a deplorable crime against humanity, but still remain indifferent as to helping these victims? The deception is gradually unraveling.

His campaign was built around isolationism. So why is he bombing Syria?

That isolationist ideology helped get Donald elected. Trump’s chief adviser, Steve Bannon was the one to formulate it. A day before the missile launch, Bannon was asked to leave his security council position.

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Trump’s allegiance to Steve Bannon only reiterated his central campaign message. Trump is an outsider. He surrounds himself with outsiders. A Trump presidency would bring a change. Apparently, that idea resonated with voters. Every republican president had lied to those who voted for them. Not only that, but every republican president of the last thirty years, had decimated the country with wars and microscopic taxes. Voting republican just leads to one fat regret.

Republicans couldn’t vote for another republican, and they sure as heck-fire couldn’t vote for a democrat, Trump seemed like a valid choice.

Trump made Bannon a fixture to his campaign early on. As soon as Bannon climbed aboard Trump Express, so did his millions of listeners. America however, was baffled to see a serious presidential candidate align himself with a practicing white supremacist. Bannon’s huge alt-right media empire spreads fake news to appease white supremacy.

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Bannon actually shaped Trump’s ideologies concerning ‘America first’. Trump asserted in his campaign, that America should back away from it’s intricate involvement all over the world. Why should we spend money on other nations, when we need it here?

Obviously, him and Bannon fought over this Syrian missile launch. Bannon believed that we should stay out of a mess on the other side of the world. Trump insisted we intervene. Trump’s blatant change of heart on almost every one of his campaign ideologies is evident of deception.

The missiles struck a relatively abandoned air strip. Damage will be easily repaired.

If Assad was asked to choose a bombing site, it would probably be the same Syrian air base that was struck by Trump. Despite Fox News glorifying the immense damage that was caused, just a little after the explosions, Syrian warplanes were taking off from the base.

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Assuming that Trump and Putin wanted to stage a conflict, what better way to convey a skirmish than bombing some abandoned air strip in the middle of the desert? Deception is apparent as a result of the suspicious circumstances.

Finally, the spotlight is off of the Russia-Trump connection.

What a difference a day makes. For the first time during the Trump presidency, he is respected. Now that Trump fired missiles at such a close ally of Putins’, Trump is getting praise from both sides of the aisle. The thought that Trump and Putin are joint agents in deception, is easily discarded. They used to be butt buddies, but now we are going to war against them!

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A week ago, Trump was waddling in historically dismal poll numbers (for so early in his term). It seemed that every day, another Trump cabinet member turned out to be a Russian spy. No one needed a break more than Trump.

Is it so difficult to comprehend that Donald Trump, the undisputed king of media, would manipulate the headlines to such a degree?

Trump puts on a performance for the audience. Like a few months ago, Trump had his big press conference concerning when he was going to hand over ownership of his companies to his kids. While he spoke at the podium, there were these huge stacks of manila envelopes. Purportedly, those folders were stuffed with papers that Trump said were “some of the many documents”. However, no one was allowed to see the papers, The Guardian article.

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As soon as Trump claimed that Obama was wiretapping his office, he asserted that he would show evidence, when the time is right. Such a nonsensical accusation sure made page one. Three months later, when Trump still doesn’t show that proof, it might get a paragraph on page 8.

Trump is a master of the media. It is not a coincidence, that this bombing occurred when it did.

The Syrian bomb also helps Putin.

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American may forget, but once upon a time, there was a big investigation into Russia that they interfered in our election. So far the various intelligence reports verify, without a doubt, that Putin influenced the election in Donald’s favor.

Let’s just assume that the CIA and FBI are right, and Putin did exert some effort on getting Trump elected. What good has it done him? What has Putin gotten from Trump? No Russia sanctions have been lifted. In fact, Trump’s presidency has compelled an even closer scrutiny into the meddling of Russia.

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Read the headlines about Putin’s reaction to the Syrian missile launch.

Russia warns of serious consequences from U.S. strike in Syria

Moscow: Syria airstrikes ‘significant blow to Russian-US relations’

Syrian bombing: US and Russia ‘one step away from combat’

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Remember how furious Putin was with Obama!? Imagine if Obama had launched missiles against him?

Time will tell. Who knows the deception that will uncurl? Will Trump attempt to appease Putin by lifting Russian sanctions? Will there be any more military exercises?

Here is a big what if.

What if this missile launch was strategically planned by Putin?

Do you think that I provided some convincing evidence?