Do you Think the Loyal Trumpkin Would Still Worship Trump, if it Turns out Trump Conspired with Russia?

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Here is a question I’d love for a Trump supporter to answer. Would you still support him, if it turns out that he conspired with Putin to overthrow our election process? Be careful. Your answer could be used against you in the foreseeable future. Answering ‘no’ to that question does not automatically mean you are turning your back on your orange messiah. You answer ‘no’, but when he is charged for treason you could blame the democrats for being sore losers. For example, the evidence against Trump was actually created by democrats.

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Russia has infiltrated the most sacred of our institutions, our elections. Still, a good portion of Americans will defend Russia. If that isn’t like an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’, I don’t know what would be.

We can no longer deny that Russia influenced our elections. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) feel that Russia hacked the DNC. U.S. intelligence agencies assessed that Putin “personally directed” the operation, NBCnews article.

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Russia of course, denies they conspired in our elections. Thus, Trump supporters wouldn’t be entirely alone in defending Russia. However, each moment that passes, the voices against Russia are growing. George Bush Jr., Dick Cheney, John McCain, Marco Rubio feel that Russia is guilty. Almost every republican politician agrees.

Last week, a senate intelligence hearing heard from three experts. All of these experts believed that Russia conspired to destroy our election process.

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“Russia hopes to win the second Cold War through the force of politics, as opposed to the politics of force,” said cybersecurity expert Clinton Watts of the Foreign Policy Research Institute. Watts detailed Russia’s use of cyberattacks and an elaborate disinformation campaign to confuse U.S. voters and pit Americans against each other.”

Still, those loyal Trumpkins could insist that Donald Trump had no knowledge of Russia’s election meddling. After all, Putin hated Hillary. He could have helped Trump, without telling him. Putin would be making Trump complicit by filling him in on the details. However, the evidence against Trump is hard to ignore.

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Come on! Can we just call it a coincidence, that most of Trump’s cabinet members are deeply involved in Russian politics? They have all conspired in some degree with Russia.

Former US national security adviser Michael Flynn – Flynn had previously been a frequent commentator for Russian state-owned propaganda network RT and sat next to Russian president Vladimir Putin at a dinner on a paid trip to Moscow.

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US attorney general Jeff Sessions – On March 1, it was reported that Sessions, who had testified to the Senate that he had no “communications with the Russians” during the campaign, in fact, had spoken twice with the Russian ambassador to the US. On March 2, Sessions, acknowledging the contact, recused himself from any investigations related to the 2016 presidential campaigns. 

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US secretary of state Rex Tillerson – In 2012, he received The Order of Friendship medal from Putin, with whom Tillerson has said he has a “very close relationship.” Earlier that year, Exxon won a deal worth an estimated $500 billion to explore oil in Russia’s Arctic, alongside state-owned oil giant Rosneft.

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US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross – Billionaire vulture investor Wilbur Ross took an ownership stake in the troubled Bank of Cyprus in 2014, reportedly tying him to a number of Russian oligarch investors with close Kremlin links, including longtime Putin ally Viktor Vekselberg and former KGB agent Vladimir Strzhalkovsky.

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Former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. A longtime political operative, Paul Manafort was fired from Trump’s then-faltering campaign in August 2016, after a report said millions of dollars in cash were earmarked for Manafort for consulting Viktor Yanukovich, the despotic, pro-Kremlin former president of Ukraine.

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Former Russia adviser Carter Page – Page, who has a long-standing penchant for abrasive pro-Putin comments, departed the campaign in September, shortly after reports surfaced that the FBI was investigating his meetings with sanctioned Russian officials while also working for Trump

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Longtime advisor Roger Stone – Stone, like Manafort, Page, and Flynn, is being investigated by the FBI for contacts with Russian officials during the campaign, the New York Times has reported. qz article

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  1. No, WikiLeaks influenced the election by publishing the emails they received, from an insider. Did the Russians leak the emails ? Nope. Did the Russians flood Bernie and progressive FaceBook groups with Fake News and bots? Nope that was David Brock and his CTR Trolls. But, why would Brock flood the internet with fake stories about his Gurl HIldamort? Well, you see they know damn well that Russia and WikiLeaks are not friends and they knew damn well that the information in the emails was accurate and very bad for a lot of the elites in Washington. So in order to counteract the information that was out there they flooded Social Media with Fake stories and a Fake Narrative. The reason behind was not to hurt HIldamort but to muddy the waters, to be able to point to social media and say the info can’t be trusted. Look at this fake story and this one and this one, Throw in some fear mongering CNN : ” it;s illegal to read the WikiLeaks emails, Don’t click on the emails you will get a virus on your computer…. ” Weird. I have read Thousands of the emails and my computer is just fine. Same goes for hundreds of people I know. Don’t you think that if this was possible at least one person would have gotten a virus? If it happened it would have been huge news. What better way to get people to avoid those damned emails.

    • I’m 76, with a long life of experiences…I never cared much for politics… till now…this country is in serious danger from subversive forces…not from the outside but from within. I agree with your post… what we should fear is fear itself FDR said… bring ALL these coruptive politicians out into the sunshine… this BS has been going on for at least 4-5 decades…the hype about Russia in the 49-50ths, decades of cold war, McCarthyism, Korea, Vietnam, and on and on. Now they want us to shake in our boots and fear ISIS…they make me concerned… but WHO the hell created that monster…WHO provided them with weaponary…TO WHAT END? It happened in WWII… where the military complex and banks financed BOTH sides… and they are still doing it….just my thoughts. Peace

  2. Ok. People, here’s the facts. The incidental collection actually got incriminating evidence on Clinton and Co. Enough to send her and hers to jail for life, this Hillbot posting needs to stop. When it all comes out in the wash what will be the conclusion.? All parties collect fees from other countries and foreign business, and its legal. The laws must change. But, the real story here. There was enough to convict Clinton and Co in the collection of data. Obama administration suppressed that collection and Comey once again intentionally botched that investigation. The incidental collection on Trump team is NOT Flynn or anyone else talking, it’s CLINTON and Co talking about Trump staff, which is hearsay. But, they used that to spread stories to the media. In other words, Clinton staff rumored mongered about Trump staff and then used that as evidence to pass to the media. Get over yourself SHILLBOT poster. You just got nailed for posting CLINTON staff lies.

    • so you don’t believe the facts that trump has investments in Russian oil, that he is in debt to the russian bank in trouble for money laundering, that the sec. of state has been doing business with putin and the reason that the russians helped trump is so that the sanctions would be lifted and russia could sell their oil…. you don’t believe that trump is still running his businesses and profiting bigly by using his presidency to scam everyone…. you are a fool.

    • You aren’t very bright are you? Hit your head or born that way? John Podesta received 25 million from Russian banks and investments, while his brother Tony received 24 million to lobby on behalf of Russians,to lessen sancrions, Bill Clinton received over a million in speaking fees, Clinton Foundation Received millions in donations as Hillary was selling off Uranium One brokering a Deal for Board of Director of Clinton Foundation Frank Guistra. But, apparently you are so abjectly stupid you’re here as a Clinton Whore troll. They have more information to lock the Whore up for life.

  3. It’s hard to admit you were just enjoying the whole sideshow. Politics was fun for them. Going to rallies and yelling along with a lot of other people. Not once did they ask themselves is this man telling us the truth and why won’t he show us his taxes. Well, the party is over and now you have to clean up the place. I wonder if they are enjoying watching this ass fall apart because he has absolutely no idea what he is doing

  4. yes, I already read to many articles asking them that and they didn’t care. If something goes wrong it will be cause of Hillary’s emails. I feel sorry for them, their lack of brains and knowledge is a sad thing.

  5. I’ve seen interviews with Trumpsters. They have stated that THEY DON’T CARE IF HE CONSPIRED WITH RUSSIA. Many have said, ” Well, why SHOULDN’T we be friends with Russia?” These people are idiots. Uneducated, bigoted, idiots.

  6. Yes I do. They have said so. Really they are a lost cause. We have to focus on what we can change. Vote. If you live in any of these places, special elections coming up CA-34 4/4 (this Tuesday) KS-4/11 GA-4/18 SC-5/2 MT-5/25. Early Voting open in KS+GA.

  7. Yes I think his followers are dumb enough to call it fake news and he was unfairly removed from office. Think about it for a moment, they listened to him during the election and they still voted for him. Not to bright

  8. Of course they’ll still support him. They are all IGNORANT RACISTS & BIGOTS who want a “white christian America” — and they think they’ve found their Nazi / KKK saviour now. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, as their attitudes & behavior are very un-American !!!!!

  9. Yes..they will find a way to make excuses for him…they think he is smart…I laugh at what comparison in hell they are going by….like an abusive relationship they can’t pull their silly asses away from.

  10. They are scared. For some 6 decades the Republicans have controled them by playing to their fears of some diabolical enemy. First it was the Russians, then it was the Easterners, and now, god help us, it’s their own countrymen. They don’t think Russian collusion is a big deal b/c they are not currently being told to fear the Russians.

  11. I have family members who voted Trump…and I went on one of the websites they follow- garbage…all conspiracy Hillary hate, Obama hate- and they are targeted with pop up ads from these hate sites that constantly reinforce the hate…it is VERY sophisticated mind warfare techniques- we should not under estimate its effectiveness

  12. Many have stated on national TV that, yes, yes they would. I consider them just as much of a traitor as their leader. I never thought we would witness the total effectiveness of brainwashing and propaganda in this country.

  13. Yes they would. Most of the loyal trumpkins are members of the Christian community. Particularly the Evangelical community. They are taught at an early age about “Blind Faith” and not to question leaders. So they will go along with Trump no matter what and give a litany of excuses to explain away what others see wrong.

  14. Stop posting Neolib stupidity and lies. The incidental collection was far more incriminating if Clinto & Co. Flynn $67k from private Russian Companies. Clinton Foundation, Clintons and Podestas in excess of $100 million from Russian government and banks. Wale the hell up, koolaide drinkers.

  15. Yes-they are that stupid. The last decade has turned them into most vile racialists in history. They think only terms of black and white. Putin is white-Russia is white-thus they are good. And the epitome of evil has ascended to the highest level of office in the form of the BLACK OBAMA..THE BLACK OBAMA…

  16. When he opened his new golf course in Dubai I knew who was lubing his colonoscopy. Same old band of bankers and oil men since the fifties. Nothing has changed except how blatent it is now.
    Burn the planet, these guys all live indoors in palacial towers or mountain fastnesses when they arent off hunting poor people in rural areas worldwide. Same band of tycoons, tyrants and totalitarian cohorts jockeying for a better angle.

  17. Seriously…..what exactly did “Russians” DO to MAKE you vote for who you did? $HilLIARy Herself desperately calling Half the Country “Deplorable” and “Irredeemable”, never mind COLLAPSING right in front of the World on a nice breezy 72-degree, 31% humidity day on Sept. 11, 2016…..Had MORE to do with WHO people Voted for…..the ones who might not have made up their mind yet or WERE going to Stay Home because of the two Choices (even thought there were MANY Choices)! Russians had NOTHING to do with MY Never voting for a member of the Arkansas Crime Family, not Bill, not Hillbilly, NEVER Chelsea! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDOGOPZrsb0&feature=youtu.be

  18. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with room temperature IQs here. 90% of them right from the gate are simply unreasonable beyond belief. But I think this quite accurately sums all that up…🙄

  19. Yup. They are fixated on Trump being the answer to their problems and too stupid to realize that he is just adding more to them. There is a sucker born every minute and most of them are in Trump country.

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