Besides appearance, our president and North Korean’s leader Kim Jung-un are really similar. For starters, President Trump is the first global leader, to actually take offense of the nonsensical ramblings of North Korean’s leader. Every single leader contains enough restraint to be able to ignore Kim Jung-un, when he makes his threats of global annihilation. Our president however, is so tempered with juvenile tendencies, that he refuses to be perceived as the weaker one.

Imagine you are walking down the street, and a crazy drunken bum staggers out of the shadows and threatens to blow up the city. Would you really consider his threat viable? Would you feel threatened? Probably not. However, if you were also a crazy drunken bum, you would get pissed.

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President Trump and Kim Jung-un are only at such volatility because they have sucked from the same nipple. Both of them have achieved their prominence through birth. How many other rulers today, non-monarchy, could boast such a claim? If either of these rulers were swapped from one crib to another at birth, they would not be where they are today. Trump would probably be selling spicy hot dogs outside some sports arena.

Who wouldn’t want such predestined divinity? Unlimited wealth and power before you even take your first breath. Awesome! However, such privilege undoubtedly creates severe complexes. I can’t say anything about Kim Jun-un, cause I really don’t know anything about him. We do know every single detail (besides his tax returns) about Donald Trump. Donald Trump must convince the world that he is the greatest person to ever breathe oxygen. After all, he makes his money by sticking his fat face and name on every billboard this side of Timbuktu!

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Donald Trump is always taking about how rich he is, how hot his wife is, how brilliant his family is, what a great golf swing he has, how great his TV show is, and how huge his rallies are. Whether he is right or wrong about this things, is something entirely different. The question is, how insecure someone must be to constantly have to remind the world of his greatness.

During the campaign, Donald Trump was considered the least qualified candidate in history. Still, he won.

just last week, representatives from a coalition of 800 mental health professionals met at Yale Medical School to discuss what they call their “duty to warn” the public about Trump’s behavior. For the sake of the country, these and other professionals believe it’s time for a psychological diagnosis of Trump, to provide an explanation for, among other things, the bizarre Twitter rants, peddling of easily provable lies, head-spinning policy reversals, incoherent interview answers and unhinged attacks on his perceived enemies. Politico article

North Korean Kim Jung-un also feels compelled to increase his height with his language. He does it with nuclear missile threats. He has uttered similar threats with every president for the past decade. However, none of the leaders around the world have ever taken him seriously. Such leaders maintain enough confidence in themselves to ignore such threats. Donald Trump however lacks proper self esteem. If he ignores Kim Jung-un, he feels the world will brand him a coward.

As a result of our president narcissistic personality, we are on the verge of nuclear war.

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