Trumps’ Mar-a-Lago Resort Cited for Serving Bad Food and Storing it in Defective Coolers – Foreign Leaders Will Get Sick Eating There

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If you are thinking about joining the prestigious Mar-a-Lago Resort, you will have to cough up $200,000 just in initiation fees. This is off the Mar-a-Lago website,

Membership includes the use of the formal and casual dining areas, the Trump Spa and Salon, the pool, the Beach Club, breathtaking guest rooms and exclusive suites, a state-of the-art-fitness center, award winning tennis courts, beautiful croquet lawns and an entertainment series which hosts internationally world-renowned talent. Having evolved from a stately residence to one of the most important addresses in the world, Mar-a-Lago is the island of Palm Beach’s finest example of living history combined with modern elegance. The combination of history, architecture, and grandeur with exceptional dining, entertainment and personalized services has created an incomparable atmosphere.

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That sure sounds like the pinnacle of elegance. Except the part about “exceptional dining”. Apparently, a few days before the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Mar-a-Lago, Florida restaurant inspectors were shocked to find potentially life threatening raw fish in the kitchen. They also found food being stored in broken down coolers. FoxNews article

All in all, the inspectors unearthed 13 violations just in the Mar-a-Lago kitchen!

  • The fish had not undergone proper parasite destruction. Inspectors ordered the staff to destroy the fish immediately.
  • The coolers used to store meats, were at potentially harmful temperatures.
  • The inspectors ordered the staff to empty the coolers out immediately. CNN article

Image result for mar a lago kitchenLeaders across the world are thinking twice about visiting our president this morning. Imagine what foreign kings and sultans and presidents must be thinking right now. Don’t drink the water! What has happened to America the beautiful?

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In Trump’s defense, he doesn’t need to invest much money in the quality of food at Mar-a-Lago. The guests are there to speak with Donald Trump. They could care less about the quality of food. He can charge as much as he wants. Us stupid taxpayers, have to pay whatever he demands.

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  2. What kind of person allows food to be served from a dirty cooking and serving area? This man that always says that he is the best at everything has proven that he is NOT the best at anything! In fact, he is so concerned with out performing President Obama on just one thing, that he keeps making super big mistakes and he can’t help himself! He hates that others can do everything better than him, except for the amount of lies that he tells! There cannot be anyone that tells as many lies as he and they are so easily debunked! What a slime turd!

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