When Andrew Puzder bowed out of contention for Trump’s Labor Secretary, he slipped out of the limelight. Puzder returned to his CKE restaurant empire, in which he used to be CEO of. He continued battling unions on raising minimum wages, he continued his quest to replace his workers with robots, and best of all, he continued employing illegal immigrants. Imagine that! Our Secretary of Labor, secretly employing illegal immigrants, to save a few dollars a year. DISGUSTING!!!!

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Considering that Puzder is no longer a part of Trump’s cabinet, I was skeptical about including him in my series of Trump’s cabinet members. However, the purpose of this series is to illustrate how Trump’s cabinet members only prove that Trump’s ultimate goal is to destroy the government in which he now heads.

This shocking revelation has been reiterated often by Trump’s right hand man, Steve Bannon. When Bannon ran his alt-right empire, he would say how corrupt the government is, and how it should be weakened. What better way to weaken the government than nominate people to head the various agencies that have spent their lives trying to dismantle that same agency?

Andrew Puzder for example, was once the CEO of CKE Restaurants. He has spent his career battling the Department of Labor over raising the minimum wage, against the overtime rules law, and of course against Obamacare. He was such a terrible nomination choice, that even republicans began to turn on him.

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John Thune (S.D.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Thom Tillis (N.C.), all publicly expressed concerns about his nomination.

Thune’s is the third-ranking Senate Republican. Without his support, it is difficult for any republican to gain power. Thune was concerned about Puzder’s hiring of an undocumented housekeeper and how he paid her. Tillis also expressed similar concerns. WashingtonPost article

At least one of Trump’s horrendous choices did not make it. However, we still have the rest of Ma’s Beagle Boys to boot.

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