Once upon a time, the Republican dragon was a formidable beast, that ruled an entire country. Anytime a brave young knight tried to conquer it, the dragon always prevailed. Eventually, a queer orange joker, who was actually a member of the dragon’s army, slayed the dragon from within it’s gnarled and rotten gates. Only after that Republican dragon had been killed, did the rest of the country live happily ever after.

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Don’t read that fairy tale to your kid at night. The tale is so frightening, it would probably petrify most parents. The tale is so scary because it is real. In case you didn’t discern the glaring metaphors, the fable is about our president and how he killed the republican party.

As most of my loyal readers know, I have been writing articles with this message from even before the election. Here is one example. The article was called Trump Killed the Republican Star. Back then, my articles were warnings to republicans. If Donald Trump is elected, he will destroy the republican party. Now that he is in office, my alarming predictions are coming true.

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Take Fox News for example. This news channel is undoubtedly the backbone of the republican party. Twenty four hours a day, a conservative can put on this feel-good channel, that verifies the same lies brainwashed into him by his pappy and grandpappy.

Finally, an established organization that corroborates all of his xenphobia, sexism and antipathy. After all, this used to be the number one news organization in the country. America loves the hatred Fox News spews. The psychological benefits of such a channel, are immeasurable. Any voices that tried to vilify Fox, were instantly hushed.

Fox news is the Republican dragon republicans love. People watch Fox News not to see what is going on in the world, but to see what they would like to be going on in the world. It makes their viewers feel good.

I have done similar surveys, both of current events and more general knowledge. In my research too, Fox News viewers scored the lowest of over 30 popular news sources (though Fox viewers did at least score better than those saying they didn’t follow the news). The chart’s horizontal black lines with tick marks indicate the margins of statistical error. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, a news satire, had the best-informed viewers. Forbes article

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As a result of Trump’s bumbling presidency, Fox simply can not twist news so that it pleases their conservative audience anymore. There is no hiding the Republican dragon. They can however, ignore Trump’s treasonous actions, and instead, focus on Hillary.

Desperate to give his audience feel good material, Sean Hannity, for example, has devolved into lunacy. He continues to peddle this bizarre and debunked conspiracy theory, that Hillary Clinton killed a DNC staffer.

Even the grieving parents begged Hannity to stop using their son’s death as a ratings ploy.

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The entire saga has been incredibly difficult for Rich’s parents. “The amount of pain and anguish this has caused us is unbearable,” Rich’s parents wrote in an op-ed in the Washington Post. “With every conspiratorial flare-up, we are forced to relive Seth’s murder and a small piece of us dies as more of Seth’s memory is torn away from us.” TheGuardian article

Hannity gave them the finger. His ratings are far more important.

Although there was not one single thread of evidence, Hannity persisted with the story. When Julian Assange from Wikileaks began corroborating the story, Hannity had all the verification he needed.

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It all came crumbling down this month, when Fox 5 DC, a local Fox News affiliate, aired an interview with Rod Wheeler, a private investigator looking into Rich’s death. On air, Wheeler confirmed that sources in the FBI had told him they could link Rich to WikiLeaks, and the conservative media went into overdrive.

Fox News subsequently ran a story claiming a “federal investigator” had confirmed the Rich-WikiLeaks contact. Within hours, Wheeler recanted, explaining to CNN that he had gotten his information from – wait for it – Fox News! TheGuardian article

Emperor Trump has destroyed Fox News. Back in Obama’s presidency, Fox was spinning conspiracy stories constantly. Whether it be about the president, his wife, or his children, Fox would air a story that enraged any of it’s mindless viewers. Here are some Fox stories:

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Barack and Michelle Obama are About to Get Even Richer

Criminal President Obama Encourages Illegal Aliens to Vote – Promises No Repercussions (this story was taken down, but Google title to authenticate that it was made up by Fox.)

Fox News Anchor Apologize for Fake Obama Story

Video of Malia Obama at Lollapalooza lights up internet

Fox News Host: ‘Is Malia Obama Going on Birth Control?’ (Malia was in 9th grade at the time. This was entirely false. Though, they didn’t run too many stories about Sarah Palin’s pregnant little girl.)

Fox News Host Blames Obama For America’s Current Race Problems

Hannity offers to pay for Obama to go to Kenya

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I could cut and paste hundreds of more disgusting stories peddled by Fox about the good Obama family. However vile the Fox organization might seem, in their defense, they are just feeding their sheep. The sheep eat these stories up like hotcakes. It is just a business.