Dr Seuss Silver Spoon Twins

Dr Seuss Remixes – Silver Spoon Twins.

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You won’t find two people more similar than Donald Trump and Kim Jung-Un. They must have been dropped by the same stork. It is freakish how similar these two overweight despots are. Both rulers were born with a silver spoon jammed deep into them. Both rulers have gained their power through birth right alone. Besides royalty, what other leaders could make such a claim? Of course, such nobility is admirable, except it would lead to a lot of serious issues. Both Trump and Jung must ask themselves, ‘Am I in power because of my strength and wit, or is it just because of ┬áthe family I was born into?’

J.J. is a guerrilla remixer and resident of the Miami and Chicago area. J.J. enjoys breaking the status quo by culture jamming famous artwork and music into a new perspective. Most people would consider the work to be a remix with subliminal political and humanitarian messages. If J.J. were to describe their art, it would be a Weird Al Yankovic song illustrated by Andy Warhol.

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