Earth to Trumpkins : Don’t Blame Democrats for Trump’s Persecution, They Have no Power, the Republican is Leading him to the Gallows

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Ask any republican who is to blame for Trump’s downward spiral, and they will give you a huge list of suspects, excluding Donald. Prime suspect number one is the media. Of course excluding Fox, the number one media conglomerate in the country. I’d love if someone would tell me how a media conspiracy could exist without the number one media company in the country? I won’t hold my breath though.

Another popular suspect are democrats. Republicans control the House the Senate and the presidency. Although democrats have absolutely no power, some people prefer to blame democrats for Trump’s current persecution. Such baseless accusations must allow them to sleep easier. How could these staunch conservatives even stomach the thought that republican politicians are taking down their orange false icon?

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Read what Sean Hannity wrote in an article,

Sore loser Democrats are still in total and complete denial. They can’t believe that Donald Trump won and Hillary lost, that Donald Trump’s the president. They’re going to obstruct every single agenda item of the president at every single turn. Consider the firing of James Comey. Democrats hated the guy’s guts.  They were calling for his head for months, and they even blamed Comey for Hillary Clinton’s election loss. Then President Trump, he fires the former FBI director. All of a sudden, Democrats change their tune, feigning moral outrage.

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Interestingly, Hannity failed to blame fellow republicans for Trump’s demise. For months, republicans in Washington loyally obeyed the president. After all, he gained the republican presidential nomination while he was being charged in a class action law suit for scamming thousands of senior citizens and children. They didn’t care about that. Nor, did his countless sexual predatory victims in another lawsuit seemed to deter their unfettered devotion.

Even while winged rumors began to materialize accusing Trump of conspiring with Russia to steal our election, republicans turned the other cheek.

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Finally, it looks like things are starting to change. Politicians have to worry about their own reelections. Donald Trump has had the most scandal-riddled two weeks of any president. Supporting Donald Trump is supporting a laundry list of scandals, including the firing of FBI Director James Comey for refusing to pledge allegiance to Donald Trump.

Here is some news that will make democrats happy.

Apparently, this is just the tip of the Trump’s scandal-iceberg. In private, republican leaders are convinced that even more appalling revelations about Trump scandals will be revealed.

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“They are distraught by what he’s doing and continues to do,” Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the chamber’s second-ranking Democrat, said in an interview. Time article

Surprisingly, republicans are even demanding for James Comey to testify. Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a conservative Republican and the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, invited Comey to lead the FBI investigation into Russian interference in our election.

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Mueller is a straight edged guy, who will not be swayed by Trump’s threats or bribes. As a result, Trump is petrified about the person chosen to replace James Comey.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein chose Mueller. Trump was certain that all of these people he nominated would be loyal to him.

The Donald is discovering that not everyone is as easily payed off as himself. Bummer.

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    by Marc North

    What we as Americans must understand, is that we are in an abusive relationship, not by choice, but by default and circumstance. We have a relationship with Trump and his henchmen/henchwomen. Trump occupies the position of power and control over those that are in a dependent-need position. Trump’s primary relationship is with his all consuming, narcissistic unmet needs. We are in a relationship with an addict. This addict is unable to control his insatiable need for accolades and acquisition of whatever he can, by predatory measures, take. Trump’s psychological architecture is so fragile that renders him increasingly desperate as he faces increasing disdain by Americans and the world at large. His desperation makes him an increasingly clear and present danger to the world. While there is some debate as to what mental disorders he suffers, one for sure is extreme presentation of Anti-social personality disorder (DSM-5/Diagnostic & Statistical Manual) concomitant with extreme manifestation of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Hallmark indicators is the control tactic common referred to as “gas lighting,” coined from the the 1938 play, “Gas Light,” and then the 1944 film. If and until the American public acknowledges that we are in the grips of an abusive relationship, we will continue to accept and normalize the abuse. Abuse of this nature will not arrest itself. It will escalate to predictable lethality of his objects of abuse: the American public and the world at large. Unless we are willing and committed to extricating ourselves from this relationship, we face the very possibility of annihilation. This abuser has followed through on every promise and only by external interference has he not been entirely effective. However, the one area that there is no interference: unfettered access to the nuclear codes and sole authority to launch weapons of mass destruction. Paranoia, impulsivity, megalomania and desperate need to control is the perfect cocktail for world annihilation. An abuser, who promises to follow through on threats must be taken at their word. Our unwillingness and lack of commitment to unseat him from office renders us willing volunteers to the predictable and catastrophic murder-suicide on a global scale that he has waiting within just his short-thumbs reach !

    I find it ironic, that (at least in California) and certainly with the FBI, CIA, and other Federal-level law enforcement positions, law enforcement applicants are required to successfully pass a rigorous background investigation; truth verification process (polygraph or equivalent); thorough medical examination to include drug testing; and a psychological evaluation. Why? To establish whether or not the applicant possesses the capacity and judgment to, (G-d forbid), take critical action in safeguarding the public safety. Yet, the Commander-in-Chief, who has full, unilateral, and unfettered access and authority to deploys weapons of mass destruction at his/her fingertips, is not required to undergo any such screening or vetting. I find it ironic and sick, that this Commander-in-Chief could not successfully pass such screening for that of an FBI Agent, Secret Service Agent, any Federal Law Enforcement position, nor a law enforcement position anywhere in the State of California. I submit this personal opinion based on my education, training, and experience.

    The confirmed cyber attack by Russia is virtual e-ICBM. The Commander-in-Chief and his Administration have exercised “neglect of duty,” in defending the US and it’s citizens, regardless of party affiliation from a willful, deliberate, planned offensive attack on the US. In effect, this constitutes a declaration of war by a foreign entity upon the US, on US Soil. This POTUS, the Commander-in-Chief has abdicated his duties and responsibilities to uphold the Oath of Office: “…“solemnly swear (or affirm) to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and “will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” [5 USC 3331] – That failure alone, regardless of any other misdeeds, is a clear and present dereliction of duty, sufficient to warrant immediate impeachment proceeding.

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