If you voted for The Donald and you are not regretting that decision yet, I’m certain you will shortly. After a little more than 100 days, The Donald has engaged in more treasonous activity than any president in American history. According to yesterday’s breaking news, he gave the Russians “code word” intel. ‘Code word’ classifies the most secret of information.

Republicans are ecstatic with Trump, because he is accomplishing all of their dreams. He has tried to take away your daughter’s healthcare as well as her Big Bird and her after school programs. As per yesterday’s article, he is also torching all of those government agencies that republicans have labeled a ‘fat waste of money’ for decades. Arts & humanities, ‘meals on wheels’, environmental regulations, public broadcasting, low income housing and more than 50 other programs have been axed by our president.

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Ironically, Trump, who has become the celebrity he is, because of his alleged massive wealth, is stripping away government benefits from American citizens. Perhaps, he would think twice of stealing your healthcare if he came from a less affluent lifestyle. Disgusting!

In one week, The Donald fired the head of the FBI because, according to him, he refused to pledge loyalty. Oh yeah, the FBI is currently investigating charges that The Donald and Russia conspired to manipulate the American election process.

According to a story last week, Trump made $100 million from Russia. Despite insisting that he has no business ties with Russia.

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According to a Washington Post article, he spilled confidential intel to the Russians. Intel, not even given to our closest allies. I heard one excuse, that The Donald didn’t know the information was confidential. I’d believe that. Though, if true, it does not make it any better. Is our president a stuttering imbecile, unable to differentiate confidential and non-confidential intel?

The Donald successfully convinced voters that he was different. His charm was that he was unlike any president. I think everyone could agree, one hundred days into this, as Republican Senator Corker calls it, “downward spiral”, The Hill, that he is unlike any previous president.

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Ask any of his most loyal supporters, what has he done that makes you proud. They might scratch their heads for a few minutes, but eventually they will reply something about his Supreme Court Justice nomination. Sure, that is a great republican victory, but I wouldn’t credit the president for that. After all, the entire government is republican. Mike Tyson could have been nominated just as easily.

This particular White House meeting between Donald Trump and Russian diplomats has been making headlines ever since it occurred last week. Astonishingly, for the first time in American history the American press was banned. Now we know why. Apparently, Donald Trump wanted to relay this confidential information to the Russians, without anyone knowing.

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We won’t know the extent of the damage our president has inflicted on our country for a while. Which ever nation gave America the information he blurted to the Russians, will not help us again. That is one less source of intel we will get, regarding crucial ISIS activity.

To the children of the unfortunate victims of the next ISIS terrorism attack, your parents might still be with us, if not for Donald’s loose lips.

Those children will blame Donald Trump for their parent’s death. Who will those children blame more though? Donald Trump, or the suckers that voted him in?

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