Does Ivanka Trump Liberate Women or Imprison them?

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Ivanka Trump’s new book, “Women Who Work”, attempts to be an empowering vehicle for female liberation. While she wrote it, she must have envisioned the book as being some sort of woman emancipation bible. The pages of the book are pink, a rather elementary reminder that the book is intended for women.

The book is stuffed with all these inspirational quotes from women. Although, there are no quotes from Hillary Clinton, arguably one of the most accomplished women in the world.

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Reminder – Hillary Clinton could have been president. After all, she did get more votes than Ivanka Kerouac’s pop, but the election was stolen from her by the author of a book about the social place of women. That right there should be the definition of irony!

Essentially, Ivanka, whose father’s entire campaign was spent saying how “ugly” Hillary was or how she was “weak and ineffective” or how “she can’t satisfy her husband”, is trying to be a spokesperson for women!

Whoever’s idea “Women Who Work” was, should be commended. By including all of those quotes, the reader can see the strong female role models that have inspired Ivanka. Toni Morrison, Coco Chanel and Margaret Mead are all honored in Ivanka’s book on these beautiful pink pages.

She did announce that she wouldn’t publicize the book. However,

this tweet magically appeared on the State Department website. Talk about one helluva marketing tool! It was taken down as soon as a shower of complaints arrived.


But you can’t really blame her. After all, the book is about how Ivanka is able to juggle her family life with her cut-throat boardroom existence. She is woman. She is a success. Successful women do shit like advertising on their father’s website. She is also listed on Time Magazine 100 Most Important People. For a young lady, that is very admirable.

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How successful is SHE, though?

Take away Papa Drumpf’s wealth, what would she have today?

Of course, such a hypothetical question could never be answered. But

Also remember, Ivanka’s Frankenstein-like plastic surgery. Every inch of her body was sculpted by a surgeon’s knife. And still, she feels like an authority to tell little girls to be proud of who they are!

being true to who we are and what our lives look like proves that women who work are real.

Be “real” she writes. Unless you look like this,

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  1. She’s probably the most sane one of the pack, and maybe, in her own way is not a bad person. BUT, she has no life experience in having to make her own way in the world. If she lost all her money and had to start over, she would be helpless and clueless. Inherited wealth never has to over come adversity, so they never learn problem solving. They are certainly NOT qualified to tell normal people how to behave.

  2. No woman who sits in Daddy’s lap and mouth kisses him liberates women, for one thing.
    I see her as an intelligent woman who knows better but put up with her father’s BS for her share of the family fortune.
    There are better examples off strong women who don’t have major Daddy issues out there.

    • Yea, your probably right. She probably just looks smarter because she’s always standing next to the biggest idiot in the country and he and his cabinet spout so much insanity that we look at her and hope against hope she’s the voice of reason, but she’s not.

  3. The only women she’s interested in liberating are the ones just like HER. She doesn’t give a big rats ass about the “everyday” woman. Seriously, would you take your life coaching from a handbag salesman? Me neither. She can just fuck the hell off.

  4. She can’t do SHIT for anybody. Useless piece of crap. We liberate ourselves without her stupid remarks. Only dummies in prison themselves. She has no clue what da hell shes saying. Must have copied from somebody else, CAUSE she’s STUPID! Cheaply made bags, and clothes made by CHEAP LABOR. No shame at all.

  5. Ivanka Trump fully supports every thing her father does. Actions speak a lot more loudly then words and every action is in support of that idiot. Look at the picture of her and all the rest in the oval when the health care bill passed the House, skinning and grinning.

    • well the apple doesn´t fall far from the tree, so that would be expected. good that in europe we do not get spoon fed about ther every move and useless barbie babble. she is far from being so outstanding to be “liberating” or “imprisoning” them, whom ever.

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