Yesterday, Jared Kushner held a low-key presentation in the back of a Ritz Carlton ballroom. In the audience, were some of Chinese wealthiest. Shockingly, right before Jared Kushner began speaking, the press was forced out of the room.

Despite the press being removed, the topic of the presentation was known. Jared Kushner was offering Chinese citizens the chance to become US citizens, as long as they invested a lot of money into his company. However, the pay-to-play details that Jared Kushner sold our country for, will never be known.

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In one instance, event organizers grabbed a reporter’s belongings, including a phone and backpack, to try to force that person out, the report said. When the event’s attendees began leaving the ballroom after the presentation was over, organizers reportedly surrounded the event-goers to prevent them from talking to reporters. BusinessInsider article

Jared Kushner told these wealthy Chinese investors that if they put their money into Kushner 1, they would be rewarded with investor visas.

These EB-5 immigrant investor visas were one of President Trump’s central campaign promises. Trump got elected largely because of his promise to curb immigration into America. Essentially, the purpose of that grand wall idea and all of those immigration bans were so that LESS people would immigrate to our country, not MORE! Now, he is selling citizenship to people who invest in his companies.

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Even more outrageous is an examination into the players in the deal.

The presentation was spearheaded by a woman who’s believed to be Nicole Kushner — she was introduced only as “Jared’s sister,” and reporters could not see her face clearly from the back of the ballroom, where they were seated. BusinessInsider article

Another campaign promise Trump made, was to “drain the swamps”. Trump convinced America that he only cared about the well being of those unemployed coal miners and America’s indigent and uneducated.

Has their ever been a president to force the press out of anywhere, let alone a business presentation in which they are selling US citizenship??!!! Good God people, the swamps are flooding our nation, thanks to Trump!

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Uneducated, ironically, is the key word to that paragraph. He did say that he “loved the poorly educated. Not so easy to fool those with an education. Trump tricked all of them into thinking that he was virtuous and that he really would make government more transparent.

Trumpkins will welcome wealthy contributors to the US economy. After all, what is so wrong with someone being granted citizenship if they invest in our economy and create jobs?

I would have no problem if these mere $500,000 investments paid for US jobs. But they won’t. The money goes to Jared Kushner’s company Kushner 1. This company does absolutely nothing, but serves as a slush fund for Trump’s family.

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Jared Kushner gets to pocket $500,000. However, we are the ones who get douched. Us taxpayers are the ones that will pay for Kushner’s big pay day! These Chinese immigrants and their children and their children’s children will forever be going to American hospitals. If their house catches fire, American firemen will race to their homes. The streets they drive down, the buses they ride, the public schools they attend, the welfare they go on, we will pay for it all.

Imagine the republican rage, if Chelsea was selling US citizenship to those that invested in her company!

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