Let’s Face it Democrats, Trump’s Victory is the Final Nail in the Republican Coffin

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When Trump won, the republican coffin was finally lowered into the ground. This death was certainly not instantaneous, like getting shot or hit by a bus. This death was more drawn out. The republican party was that patient laying in a hospital bed surrounded by all these ventilators. The loyal team of doctors at the bedside, are not as concerned with the patient’s quality of life as they are with keeping the patient alive. Machines drag each gasp from the patient. However, it’s death was inevitable. We all saw it coming for a long time.

In fact, I wrote many articles about this slow and painful death. Here is one.

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Look at who won the parties’ nomination for president – a television reality star / sexual molester defendant / class action fraud defendant! Most astonishingly though, Donald Trump had been a democrat most of his life. His children were unable to vote for him during the primaries, because they were all registered democrats! He had never held an elected office. In addition, his various marriages and his cut-throat business mentality opposed every single conservative family values tradition in the book!

Trump’s strongest attribute was that he WASN’T a politician. The backwoodsman justified Trump, by asserting that he was already wealthy so he WOULDN’T be corrupt.

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But he won.

Along with millions of other people, I didn’t think Donald Trump had a chance. Of course, I wasn’t aware of the unrelenting efforts by Russia to get Trump elected. I wrote article after article, how Trump’s nomination by the republican party signified it’s death. The fact that every republican voter chose Trump over regular conservative icons like Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, John Kasich, or even Marco Rubio, proved that the republican voter hated republican politicians almost as much as democratic politicians.

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Republican voters felt betrayed for a good reason. For the past few decades, every republican president had lied to their supporters. The funny part though, is that they keep using the same failed lies! Trickle down policies are rehashed in every single election since Ronald Reagan.

Donald Trump took it to an entirely different level though. He told every unemployed, uneducated and unhappy American, that if they voted for him, he would provide. It was really the most beautiful scam ever pitched. And it earned him the most powerful role in the world. Now unlimited wealth is at this snake oil conman’s disposal.

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Just 120 days into his presidency, he has broken all of those promises….except, providing himself, his family and his buddies with a tax break.

No one can argue that America is better and happier beneath democratic presidents. Compare America beneath Obama and Clinton to the turbulence we endured beneath the dreaded Bush family. Plus, if these first 120 days of Trump’s presidency are any indicator of what lies ahead, the next few years will be another chaotic and financially stagnant republican presidency.

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America became disgusted with republicans during Junior’s administration. The alt-right movement was born at this time. Staunch conservative talk show hosts convinced their listeners to reject American politics. That was when republicans began to turn away from republican politicians.

An astonishing republican fact from this time was the republican who garnered the highest approval ratings during this time was Sarah Palin.

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Sarah Palin and Donald Trump appeal is identical. The appeal to both of these hustlers was their potential. Both of them turned out to be failures, but they dazzled the republican voters. Their might was stored in their potential. They COULD HAVE been great politicians. Both of them appealed to a voter disgusted with their party, thirsty for something new.

However, they were unable to embrace democrats.

What will a Trump presidency do to the republican fan base devotion? Trump is the republican last chance. There is a possibility that eight years after Trump limps away from the White House, another conservative buffoon will be the republican messiah. They will convince the poor and hopeful and uneducated to embrace them. And again, our democracy will be torn to shreds.

Or, Trump will be impeached. If you had to bet, where would you put your money? Betting odds are usually a great predictor.

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Impeachment aside, odds are at 4-6 against Trump’s survival of a full first term, Paddy Power spokesman Lee Price said.

“We’ve been betting on impeachment for all recent US presidents but, even at the height of the Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton was only ever 6-1 to be impeached,” Price said, as cited by brocker.org. Clinton, of course, ultimately was impeached, though he survived trial and finished his presidency. RT article




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  1. Nice thought but no. I’ve been hearing that since Watergate. The Genius of the GOP of last 40 years is to convince poor ppl across the country to vote their fears and not their interests

  2. R.E. ” The Final nail In The Republican Coffin”, WTF are you taking- to stay so unconnected with reality? Koch Republicans and their new Team-mate The Kremlin, control all three branches of the US Government. Check out the Kochs are elated- they control all the way down to the local school boards through one thousand fake ” Think Tanks” and ALEC writes the laws of the United States and The Koch Kremlin Congress turns those Koch Kremlin ALEC bills into the law of the land. What part of “The COUP of The United States” Is So Tough to understand? The Political Parties are simply private corporations- that DO NOT represent the People Of The United States. 41% of the voters are independent and a tiny number claim to be Republicans or Democrats. We have a Russian Installed traitor and his Russian FSR Operative whore in the White House- with the Entire Senate and Congress openly protecting the COUP that pre-planned the takeover of America and the FBI helped him by throwing a grenade into the Clinton campaign while they were and are actively investigating the Trump Crime syndicate for TREASON- they destroyed the Democrats. Through voter suppression, closing thousands of polling places, gerrymandering, Russian hacking and billions of secret Supreme Court approved foreign dollars America was defeated. My father was dumped into the water on D’ Day plus 5 and swam ashore to fight Nazis and now the Republican party is cheering NAZI Steve Bannon- in the Cabinet of a Traitor kiddie rapist con man swindler that an enemy of the United States hacked into office-with the fewest votes. What could possibly go wrong, Comrades- or is that KKKomrades for the Koch Kremlin Kleptocracy?

  3. They have strategically been placing RNC loyalists to positions in the government since Cheney did a job analysis to outsource govt. jobs to contractors. This was a way of influencing govt. and rewarding private business owners – who many have become the special elite billionaires that are supporting Trump’s version of America.

  4. I finished a letter to both of my state’s senators with: with all that the republicans are doing to this country, may this be the downfall of a once great and respected party – yours. May be soon. One senator didn’t respond, the other sent a reply sounding a bit miffed.

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