John Joseph Boswell has everything. He is a huge Donald Trump supporter. He is the CEO of Independent Stave Company, the largest wine-and-whiskey barrel manufacturer in the world, DailyMail article. In addition, he makes $600,000 a month. What does the fat man who has everything want? Sex with African maids.

Boswell pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges. The incident took place in a hotel in Washington DC. Boswell groped two maids.

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I know this is “just” a donor. To the untrained eye, donors have no power. Their vote doesn’t do anything. However, they are probably more powerful than the politicians that they buy. Republican politicians that are bought, have no opinion besides the ones of their wealthy donors. We didn’t elect Donald Trump, we elected his millionaire donors.

Boswell is accused of creeping up to a maid from behind at his hotel room and “rubbing her buttocks”, the Washington Post reports.


According to the police report, while this old and fat man was groping the maid he squealed, ‘This is very nice stuff, I like that!’

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When another maid entered the room, the molested maid ran out shaking. She was terribly frightened. She is an African immigrant who recently arrived to this country of promise. Undoubtedly, her perceptions of America were forever changed. Especially, when she discovered the man who molested her is a donor of our president!

Boswell was immediately arrested. When he was released a few hours later, he was greeted by a vicious crowd. They pelted the sex offender with fruit. He was sentenced to ten days in jail and six months probation. Fortunately for him, the jail time was suspended, DailyMail article.

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Boswell is married with three children. He has donated more than $125,000 to republican politicians in his lifetime. As a result, republicans love the guy!

Although the sex offender earns $600,000 a month and lives in a $7 million mansion in Palm Beach, in the end, the judge slapped him with a $50 fine and told him to have a great day, DailyMail article.

Ain’t justice a bitch?

It is mind boggling, that a convicted sex offender, can go back home to a family that continues to respect him and a sea of conservative politicians that love him.

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