The number of Republican politicians molesting little children has soared in recent months. As painful as that sentence is too read, I assure you, it is much more painful to write. To imagine a political figure that garners such respect and civil responsibility, would abuse his trust and molest a little child could hardly be described in words.

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Blaming Trump has become an easy solution to democratic grievances. This easy scapegoat is also usually correct. If you have a problem with something a republican does and blame Trump, there is a very good chance you are correct. Trump’s sweeping victory has taught republican politicians, that they could do anything they want and get away with it. Trump sexually molested a slew of women and then became president!

A few weeks ago, 74 year old James Graves was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a child. Graves was an elected member of the Cullman County Republican Party. He was a well known conservative face in Cullman County, Alabama, holding elected office there since 2008.

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“Mr. Graves confirmed the allegations and after the interview there was no doubt a sexual crime had been committed by the suspect,” Sheriff Matt Gentry said. WIAT article

Across the country, at the same time, another republican politician was also molesting little children. Roy Bolden was the Chair of the Providence GOP. He was a very important name in Providence republican affairs. Recently, he was charged with first-degree and second-degree child molestation. Bolden also founded Legions of Christ Ministries in Providence.

This was written about the conservative hero a few years ago in the OceanStateCurrent,

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Growing up in South Providence, and in his ministries, Bolden has witnessed the value that conservative principles can have for people in an area full of abuse, where “nobody has a father,” and where “nobody wants to be on welfare,” but nobody sees an alternative way to get by.

A list of all politicians with sex offenses reveals something very interesting. There were 12 democrats charged with sex offenses. Most of these democratic charges however, involved SAME SEX prostitution. In addition, most of the democrats charged with sex offenses were re-elected back into office.

The list of republican sexual offenses is much larger. Hundreds of republican politicians are in this list. Also, the republican charges are much more nefarious and disgusting.

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Why is this? Why is the allegedly pious political party, the one to be brimming with sex offenders? Psychologically, it could have something to do with republican’s drive to appear holy. The longer any person maintains this mask of purity, the more they fantasize about removing it.

And now, they control our government.