Do you remember Obama’s ill choice of words, ‘You can keep your doctor’?

Do you remember how furious the republicans were over those words? Those five little words were repeated in every single republican speech for years. As they spoke those words, the venom flushed in their faces and the rage clenched in their fists, was so intense, millions of Americans protested our streets with those very words scribbled across signs. As pathetic as this sounds, that was their only argument. They kept repeating it and repeating it, although it really served no argumentative purpose. It just got their base riled up.

Closer scrutiny of those words would minimize their falsity. It was not a full blown lie. Many plans under Obamacare, you could keep your doctor. Also, remember the intentions of Obamacare – to make healthcare cheaper and more accessible for you and your daughter. Why would you get so enraged over that?

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Those same people that were so angry over Obama’s words, where are they now?

President Trump goes on national TV and unleashes a litany of complete lies. On CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’, Trump said,

“Pre-existing conditions are in the bill. And I mandate it. I said, ‘Has to be.”
In English, that means coverage for pre-existing conditions are in the bill. But they are not. That is a lie.
Either our president knew nothing about the healthcare plan he was busy peddling across the country, or he was lying. I’ll believe either one. However, it really makes one question the core of the republican. Get furious over Obama, trying to bring healthcare to our country, but let Trump slide for an even bigger lie, as he tries to take it away!? Either the republican voter knows nothing about these bills, or they are just stupid – blindly voting republican although that means less coverage for them and their children and their parents. I’d believe either one.
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There is no doubt. Under Trumpcare, millions of more people will lose coverage. Millions of people won’t have a doctor, let alone be able to choose a doctor. The plan’s tax credits are meant to benefit the wealthy hence, poorer, sicker and older people will suffer. The entire plan is designed to present a gigantic tax cut for the rich. Of course that has to come from somewhere. By removing coverage that was once afforded under Obamacare, that money can now be handed to the wealthy elite in tax breaks. WashingtonPost article
Despite such stark differences between the two measures, republicans are so for Trumpcare but were so against Obamacare. WHY? The only differences were the names of the legislation as well as the fact that Trumpcare provides significantly LESS coverage than Obamacare.
Republicans don’t care about that. They gripe about democrats blocking Trump’s healthcare legislation. The only problem republicans have, is how democrats are obstructionists. The lies they smear in our faces, make ‘You can keep your doctor’, look like one of the Ten Commandments.
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Trumpcare passed the House yesterday. Hence, the very wealthy and the overall wearing, shit-kicking, Trump supporting idiots will celebrate together. The Trump supporter is happy, because of Trump’s victory. Although their health coverage will be diminished, Donald Trump got something passed, so they will all dance the night away. The nation’s wealthy though, get to save a bit more of their fortunes.
It will be hard not to consider how quickly Trumpcare soared through the House compared with how long it took Obamacare to pass. One piece of legislation largely benefited most people by putting the burden in taxes. The other piece of legislation largely removed those benefits by reducing the amount of taxes. One piece of legislation was supported by every single patient and health advocacy group. The other piece of legislation garnered very critical grades from those same groups.
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Every organization seemed to be for Obamacare,

The National Women’s Law Center made the case that the Affordable Care Act gave many women access to comprehensive care that has frequently been out of reach in the past…

Children’s advocates said that scrapping the subsidies would pose a dire threat to children by undermining the Children’s Health Insurance Program…

Rounding out the list are hospitals, and health insurance companies. They warned that eliminating the subsidies would destabilize the health care market, and severely restrict the ability of hospitals to provide care for low and moderate income persons.      NYTimes article

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This group of patient advocacy groups are among many to come out against Trumpcare,

  1. American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
  2. JDRF
  3. American Heart Association
  4. American Lung Association
  5. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  6. American Diabetes Association
  7. March of Dimes
  8. National Organization for Rare Disorders
  9. National MS Society
  10. WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease
 These groups predict Trumpcare will cost 24 million people to lose insurance. RareDrArticle
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Don’t they understand that I can go to a hospital and get treatment, with or without insurance? If I don’t have insurance, the hospital can charge whatever they want. That is why we spend more money on each patient than any other country in the world. Obviously, if everyone had insurance, that would not be a problem.

Oh well.

The bottom line : children, women, seniors, and the sick will be harmed by Trumpcare. But the wealthiest Americans will get wealthier.

Why must we suffer because of their stupidity?