Our president is trying to destroy our government. This is the Manchurian candidate on about a pound of speed. Except, Trump is not executing his plot in secrecy. His plan is as clear as a flashlight beam. His motives as well, are easy to spot.

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Trump is finally accomplishing what Republicans have been fantasizing about for the past few decades. If you were president, and were tasked with destroying our government, how would you do it? Of course, your nominations to head all of the government agencies, would be incompetent fools (Ben Carson and Rick Perry) or people who had spent their careers attacking the same agency they now head (Betsy Devos and Sonny Perdue).

This article is a summary to a series I have written about how terrible Trump’s nominations have been. Here is a brief summary of most of the series I wrote. Click on the link, if you’d like to read the entire article.

Agriculture Secretary – Sonny Perdue heads a global agribusiness empire. His loyalty to big business was evident by his first move, when he removed health standards from public school meals.

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Environmental Protection Agency – Scott Pruitt, climate denier who has worked closely with fossil fuel industry his entire career. He has worked inside the coal industry.

Department of Education – Besty Devos, who has devoted her life to replacing our public school system with private charter schools.

Agriculture Research in Department of Agriculture – Sam Clovis, never had a single scientific graduate class. Instead, he has a right-wing talk show, based on denying climate change.

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Department of Health – Tom Price’s vision for health reform includes replacing federal government’s role with that of a free-market framework. He is going to allow states to dispense Medicaid spending.

Secretary of Energy – Rick Perry flunked chemistry. He didn’t even know what the agency does. Now he is the head of it.

Department of Housing and Urban Development – Ben Carson has written op-eds about how our fair housing act is “failed socialism” and a “mandated social-engineering scheme”. Now, millions of people depend on him to have a roof over their heads!

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This seemingly idiotic approach of selecting nominations, only corroborates those who call Trump stupid. If you think Trump is not fit to be president, shit like this only verifies your assumptions. These nominations aren’t bad, they are the worst choices he could have made.

His loyal supporters though, might disagree. His loyal supporters are actually applauding his seemingly idiotic choices. For years, these staunch conservatives have been screaming that our government is way too big.

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When PBS is defunded and Big Bird is forced to live under a bridge, these people break out the bubbly. Here is an excerpt from a Washington Post article. The conservative website reflects republican mentality.

Americans have a sour view of the federal government. Just one-third of people think Washington is competent. The public thinks half of taxes collected are wasted. More people say “government” is the nation’s most important problem than say that honor goes to the economy, immigration or terrorism.

And Americans are right. The federal government is wasteful and inept, which is a huge problem because it controls so many aspects of our lives. Federal spending consumes more than a fifth of the nation’s income, and federal regulations infiltrate a multitude of state, local and private activities.

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I will be the first to tell you that Donald Trump is not a stupid man. His picks to head these different agencies, might seem moronic, but each nomination is just another level to his master plan of destroying our government.

Every republican belief has it’s origins in some closed board room meeting on Wall Street. ‘Government is too big’ for example, is something that big business has been pushing for a long time.

Take the education department for example. As Betsy Devos has spent her life trying to do, if public schools are replaced with charter schools, who do you think that benefits? Not the kid. According to a New York Times article,

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Michigan leapt at the promise of charter schools 23 years ago, betting big that choice and competition would improve public schools. It got competition, and chaos.

Detroit schools have long been in decline academically and financially. But over the past five years, divisive politics and educational ideology and a scramble for money have combined to produced a public education fiasco that is perhaps unparalleled in the United States.

Charter schools benefit the wealthy elite. They own these charter schools  and receive more money from the government with each kid that enrolls in their schools. These wealthy elite also give money to politicians like Donald Trump and Betsy Devos, to ensure their money making scheme is perpetuated.

Image result for government is too bigThe same could be said for every agency that Trump is destroying. When each agency topples, those services will be handed off to private companies.