Am I the only one in America wondering what the heck-fire happened with that investigation of the Russian – Trump election connection? The Muppets had their Rainbow Connection, but the Election Connection will unlikely ever see the light of day.

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The Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation of the Trump-Russia coercion has made just about no progress, after almost four months. An examination of the committee members might explain why they have been so lackadaisical with the investigation. For starters. despite the grave pertinence of such an investigation, there is not one staffer who works on the investigation full-time. Ironically, a House committee formed to investigate the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, had 46 staffers and eight interns, PoliticUSA article.

Hence, republicans put almost 50 times more “manpower” in trying to destroy Hillary than at Trump. Remember, nothing was ever dug up on Hillary, besides baseless accusations. The judge ruled Hillary innocent at the first trial. Republicans demand another! They conducted EIGHT investigations into Hillary. And all EIGHT found that she committed no wrongdoing. NYTimes article

Another reason why this investigation will most definitely result in nothing, are the people selected to do the investigating. President Trump picked the people who would be investigating him.

Image result for senate investigation trump russiaMonths ago, Rep. Devin Nunes, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, claimed he had heard from “secret sources”, that Obama had improperly obtained the identities of Trump associates.

The whole weird event devolved in a matter of hours. Nunes’ “secret sources” turned out to be his buddies working in the offices next to him in the White House! They probably concocted the half ass scheme while doing whippits in the bathroom. As a result, the House Ethics Committee launched an investigation resulting in Nunes to recuse himself from his role as head of the Russian investigation.

In fact, during the only hearing that Nunes held, while head of the committee, he violated every ethical investigation rule in the book. Nunes’ opening statement might as well have been scripted by Donald Trump, the lead defendant in the investigation. He just spent that crucial time reiterating how there was no evidence linking Trump to Russia.

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Even more perplexing, was how after the hearing, Nunes told a Mother Jones reporter, how he had never heard of Roger Stone or Carter Page. Carter Page has since been classified a Russia spy working as a Trump adviser. Anyone following Trump’s campaign would know who Carter Page was. Especially someone investigating Trump-Russian meddling would know of Carter Page. The fact that he denied knowledge of Carter Page raises several bright red flags, MotherJones article.

Essentially, Donald Trump is in charge of an investigation into Donald Trump. Donald Trump could be facing the most severe sentence in our nation’s legal history. Treason is our biggest crime. Such a trial could potentially be the biggest crime in our nation’s history.

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The Republican congress will have to vote to impeach the Republican president. Fat chance of that happening. Before that decision though, the investigation would have to find Trump guilty of something worthy of impeachment.

After Nunes recused himself, Sen. Richard Burr replaced him. However,

An ethics complaint has been filed against the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) for obstructing the progress of the investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. PoliticuUSA article

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Burr and Trump go way back. In fact, Trump chose Burr to serve on his national security advisory council. In February, Trump assigned Burr and Nunes to minimize news stories about Trump’s ties to Russia, MotherJones article. And these are the two people Trump chose to lead an investigation against him!!