Trick #17 to Tell When Trump is Lying – ‘I think’ he did it While Speaking About Comey’s Firing

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I think Lester Holt interviewed Donald Trump about the Comey firing.

“I had dinner with him,” Trump said. “He wanted to have dinner because he wanted to stay on.”

Holt asked to clarify that Comey requested the dinner.

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This is a crucial clue in determining if Trump fired Comey, as a result of Comey refusing to pledge his loyalty to the defendant he was investigating.

Trump answered, “Dinner was arranged. I think he asked for the dinner.” TheAtlantic article

That last sentence by Donald Trump should be chiseled on his tombstone. Essentially, that is why he is president. His immaculate manipulation of the English language fooled the majority of Americans.

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I think he asked for the dinner.”

Tomorrow, let’s imagine Comey comes out and says he didn’t ask to go out to dinner with Trump. Then it is his word against our presidents’. That is all it will ever be. Trump uses the words “I think”, so theoretically, he is not giving a definitive answer. In a court of law, “I think” is vague enough to represent ‘yes, he did ask me to go to dinner’ or ‘I’m pretty sure he asked me, but I could be wrong.’

Is there a possibility that Donald Trump honestly was unsure who asked who to dinner? Anything is possible. Although to not remember such an important event, occurring such a short time ago (a few days), would be telling signs of severe brain damage. Again, anything is possible.

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All the information we have about Comey being fired comes from Trump. A steady accusation in the media, contends that Donald Trump fired James Comey because he refused to be loyal to Donald Trump. Incidentally, James Comey is the head of the FBI. The FBI is investigating Donald Trump ties to Russia.

If Trump could convince America that Comey asked him to dinner, America would declare Trump innocent. As it is right now, the timeline of events look terrible for Trump.

  • Comey speaks at Senate hearing.
  • Days later, Trump and Comey meet for dinner.
  • Trump admits he asked Comey for his loyalty.
  • The next day, Comey is fired.

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If Comey asked Trump to dinner however, it sort of changes how the events look.

Just remember America, Trump is a master of communication. He could speak for an hour, spewing lie after lie, making him appear omnipotent. In retrospect though, he didn’t tell any lies, he just crafted his sentences magnificently.

Whenever Trump uses the words “I think”, you should think that he is lying.

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  1. Sure Trump lied – he has NOT been planning Comey’s firing for months – he welcomed Comey to the White House with open arms and even gave him a hug. Trump is mad beecause Comey refused to give him a loyalty pledge, also Trump is mad because Comey testified under oath that there was no evidence whatsoever of President Obama wiretapping Trump – these things made two year old Donnie throw a Trumper Tantrum and he fired Comey – Comey never ever asked to have dinner with Trump and everything Trump has said is nothing but lies – everything Trump said in that interview with Holt is nothing but lies – #Russiangate #treason #moneylaundering #PutinsPuppet #espionage #collusion #impeach #corruptWH #corruptDT #lockhimup

  2. Trump flat-out lies by use of absolute statements with no hedging. AND he also hedges. The author of the article makes a point with his observations about Trump hedging many of his statements. But the author implies the ambiguous statements are the only lies.
    I counter with statements made on camera, capable of playback, that Trump lies by denying he ever made. “No one will lose their health insurance.” “Everyone’s premiums will be cheaper.” He later said that “I never said that.” Other plain, absolute declarative statements have beeen made, and Trump later states “I never said that.” He then blames the media for lying. And his supporters see the tape of his statements, see his denials (also a tape). And only believe the denials. Amazing!

  3. Wake the hell up people!I It’s not whether trump recorded Comey! But if Comey taped trump. Trump knows he’s guilty as hell of treason,money laundering,fixed election/with putin,paying off republicans, and making deals for his own Personal gains,and possibly blackmailing others…. WAKE THE HELL UP DAMNIT!!…. What will it take? Maybe waiting for bombs to drop on our Country or Planes to crash into more buildings? HOW LONG?

  4. Watch the video, It demonstrates US Law Enforcement bowing down to the Criminal, English-Based Central Banking Cartel.
    The Corruption speaks for both parties and the Oppressors have never changed since our Revolutionary Fathers first settled here to escape European Tyranny.

    James Comey first created the template for Treason in 2005 with his protection and concealment of KPMG as a terror and drug laundry accountant.

    In September 2012, James Comey’s Treason was resurrected by the former English Finance Minister, George Osborne. Osborne short-circuited Obama’s DOJ and protected and concealed the terror and drug laundry that is HSBC -Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation- an English-Chinese criminal, terror and drug laundry.

    Federal Judge Gleeson wrote an analysis of at least, four treasonous offenses…

    Judge Gleeson’s analysis:…/HSBC_Memorandum_and_Order…

    REMEMBER! This criminal terror and drug laundry is using counterfeit US currency and counterfeit US securities to fund the battlefield deaths of American and British Soldiers…

    In Federal Judge Gleeson’s analysis, above, a number of”sanctioned entities”, among them, Iran, are listed in violation of:”Trading With The Enemy Act”, all AMLs- “Anti-Money-LaunderingActs”, the “International Emergency Economic Powers Act” andBSA- “Bank Secrecy Act”.

    Osborne colluded to create Treason in September 2012, with Loretta Lynch. The plea bargain and DPA, in Judge Gleeson’s analysis, directly above, were booked in Brooklyn, where Lynch was then Prosecutor.

    Osborne, Holder, Breuer and Lynch all signed this Treason.

    James Comey was placed on the executive board of HSBC, 3 months later… After they all knew HSBC is a criminal, terror and drug laundry for US enemies that are murdering US and British Soldiers with the counterfeit funds provided by James Comey’s bank.

    The Criminal, English-Based, Central Banking system (intentionally-mislabeled, “Federal Reserve”, IMF and World Bank) are now proven to manipulate US Law Enforcement to ignore the criminal behaviors of English and Swiss Bankers. The video demonstrates it beyond ANY doubt.

    Osborne, Comey, Holder, Lynch and Breuer are directly responsible for concealing a terror and drug laundry that uses counterfeit US Currency and counterfeit US Securities to fund the murder of US and British Coalition Forces.

    Since Comey first fashioned this Treason in 2005, at least 1384 Coalition Forces have been murdered by IEDs and EFPs at the direction of Iranian Quds Forces. Iran is listed, as among the customers at James Comey’s laundry.

    Michael Keane 5/13/17 copyright, all rights reserved. “”, coming soon.

    please feel free to post wherever you may. Thank you.

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