Trump’s playground romper-room feud with North Korea has been the focus of news for the past few weeks. Our president and the president of North Korea have exploded into a fight, similar to the ones we used to have in elementary school. I take that back. Such a reference is malicious to our elementary school students.

Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jung-Un are in a big feud. The reason for the fight, I don’t really get. However, now our president has offended South Korea as well.

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Trump convinced his legions of supporters that he would make a great president because he ran such a successful business. Trump knows how to make money thus, he knows how to run a country. In his first one hundred days in office, Trump has proven that he does know how to make money, just not for you or me. Trump has begun two international conflicts already. He has even dropped 60 missiles on Syria.

His republican fan base love his aggressive military might. So does his wallet. There is no question that Donald Trump owns a lot of stock in Raytheon, the same company that manufactured the missiles we dropped. A mere few hours after he scored that jackpot, Trump began waving his tomahawk at North Korean’s Kim Jung-un. BipartisanReport article

Nothing is more profitable than the war machine. Now that Trump is the most powerful man in the world, he is just trying to make his payday. Dick Cheney did it. Why not Trump?

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Trump has been trying to spur North Korean’s Kim Jun-un into war. Tensions are high, as North Korea keeps announcing their ambitions to develop missiles. As a result, Trump has insisted that Seol, South Korea should pay America for a “billion dollar” US missile defense system. If South Korea refuses to buy this equipment, Trump has threatened to rethink a bilateral free trade pact.

South Korea refused to pay for the defense system.

Tensions are high over the North’s nuclear and missile programmes — it has ambitions to develop a rocket that can deliver a warhead to the US mainland — and threats on both sides have raised fears of conflict.

A front-page headline in South Korea’s newspaper on Monday read, “Trump’s mouth rattling Korea-US alliance”.

“There are issues that are far more important than just money,” the article said.

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What a perfect sentence to sum up Donald Trump. Us American journalists have been trying to describe Donald Trump for years, and a South Korean does it perfectly, in just a few sentences. Nothing is more important to him than money. Trump’s budget slashes Meals on Wheels, a program that provides food for disabled people and those that can’t get food themselves. However, the same budget provides pleasantly moist tax incentives for himself and his friends. TheHill

Trump’s missile attack into Syria killed six people. I doubt Trump was bothered by that. I’m sure he just wiped the blood off of his hands and contemplated another massacre. After all, he made a lot of money on those Syrian deaths. I’m sure he didn’t even bat an eye-lash.

Trump’s National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, during an interview with Fox News interview about the possibility of mass casualties in South Korea the event of conflict — Seoul is within range of the North’s conventional artillery — McMaster responded: “What the president has first and foremost on his mind is to protect the American people.” Yahoo article