Trump to Nominate Quack Right-Wing Radio Host with no Experience in Agriculture Research to head Research Division of the Department of Agriculture

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Agriculture research in the Department of Agriculture will be led by a notorious climate change denier. President Trump will nominate Sam Clovis for the position. Propublica article

You’d think Trump would be pissed with Clovis. During the campaign, Clovis was a key adviser to Trump. Clovis was the one to introduce Trump to Carter Page. Carter Page is being investigated for being a Russian spy. If you were running for president, and hired someone to join your campaign, on the advice of one of your advisers. Then, that person turns out to be a Russian spy! I don’t think you’d give that adviser a plush job. Propublica article

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Clovis is a queer choice to run the research division of the Department of Agriculture. He has no experience in such research. Clovis has never even taken a science graduate course! The only expertise he has in agriculture, comes from his adamant climate denier views. Essentially, Trump’s pick for the top USDA scientist goes to someone who isn’t a scientist. Salon article

However, he has his own Iowan conservative talk show. “Impact with Sam Clovis” is devoted to denying climate change. Sam Clovis insists that there is not enough evidence to prove climate change.

Again, Trump nominates someone to head a department, that has devoted their lives to dismantling that very department. Compare Sam Clovis with Obama’s undersecretary for research, education and economics, Catherine Wotecki.

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Wotecki has a Ph.D. in human nutrition. She was the dean of the school of agriculture at Iowan State University, before becoming global director of scientific affairs for Mars Inc.

“This position is the chief scientist of the Department of Agriculture. It should be a person who evaluates the scientific body of evidence and moves appropriately from there,” Wotecki said. Propublica article

Astonishingly, an examination of Clovis’ published articles contain nothing scientific. His dissertations are weird propaganda pieces about federalism and homeland security.


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  1. Sad that we would even consider this true because #ANTIpotus1dontrump appoints those of the low class, intellegence and of his dumb ass kind bu Politicalhaze is no a legit outlet . Again waiting for Reuters, BBC or Huffington, then I’ll believe.

  2. Everyone of his nominees must be asked under oath if they were asked to “swear an oath of loyalty” to the clown in chief . In fu4king fact, every nominee should be called back to testify if this is the case with them. Pure coercion.

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