Trump will not leave the Paris Climate Accord. I have been wrong about a lot of things when it comes to Trump. A safe bet is that he will leave the accord. After all, just a few hours ago, Trump repeated his threat that he will “probably” leave the deal. Why he doesn’t just leave the accord, instead of making threats about doing that? I don’t know.

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I would bet my left pinky that Trump stays in. The whole world  wants Trump to respect the United States pledge to curb carbon emissions. The leaders of Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Japan and Britain make up six countries of the Group of Seven, they all want us to stay in. Big business also wants Trump to stay in.

However, bowing out of the Paris Climate Accord, was another queer promise he made on the campaign trail. Literally, the only people in the entire world who want America out of the Paris Climate Accord are his supporters. Why? I could not tell you. Then again, if I could map out the reasoning of a Trump supporter, I wouldn’t be selling spicy hot dogs on the street corner.

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Here is why I am 150% positive that Trump will keep us in the Paris Climate Accord. I will also speculate as to why Trump  dramatically declared his hesitancy to remaining a member. Remember, he pulled the same weird theatrics with the North American Free Trade Agreement. That was another vow he made to his loyal Trumpkin base.

Trump campaigned on a pledge to pull out of NAFTA, if he could not get better terms for his supporters. Asked by Reuters what would make NAFTA a fair deal, Trump said: “Open markets. Open borders for trade” and “Fairness, no government subsidies so that it makes it impossible for our people to compete.”

He added that if the NAFTA negotiations “become unserious, I will terminate.” (Unserious is not a word)

I doubt most of his supporters could spell NAFTA, let alone explain it’s significance. It was just another brash sounding promise he made, that convinced his supporters that President Trump was going to bring about change. That was really all they wanted. Eventually though, Trump put his orange tail between his legs, and decided to stay in NAFTA.

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How weird was it last week, when he made a huge point as to his reluctance to stay in the Paris Agreement?

“I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!” he tweeted on Saturday. I’m surprised he didn’t tell the world that he would make his decision on the next episode of The Apprentice.

With top presidential aides stubbornly divided, the White House abruptly announced on Tuesday that President Trump would make no decision on the United States’ future in the Paris climate change accord until June, after he returns from a meeting of the Group of 7 Western powers.

The announcement by the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, encouraged advocates of the landmark climate pact, who hope that Mr. Trump’s fellow heads of state can pressure the president to remain in the accord, first at a NATO summit meeting in Brussels next week and then at the G-7 meeting in Taormina, Italy. Similar pressure was brought to bear by the leaders of Mexico and Canada when Mr. Trump threatened to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement — then reversed course. NYTimes article

You see, just like he did with NAFTA. He didn’t say that America was out. He said, he needed to think about it.

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By appearing to “think about” remaining in these agreements, Trump preserves his deranged fan base. He could go to his rallies and explain what tough decisions he had to make, and how much pressure was on him. Trumpkins might be irritated. Sure, they might be a little jaded but eventually, they will understand that they need to make some concessions.

Trump, and his supporters, don’t believe in climate change. Trump says the whole global warming nonsense is a “hoax” invented by China to undermine the US economy. But when he does agree to stay in the Paris Agreement, what will he be saying to the world? He will obviously be acknowledging that global warming is a grave threat. He will also be thumbing his nose at everyone who voted for him. Trump has done that a lot since election. In fact, of all those grandiose campaign promises he made, none have materialized. All of those promises have turned out to be lies.

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Oh WAIT!!! His promise to cut taxes for him, his family and his buddies, that will become law.

To all of those people that voted for Trump, and are starting to feel very jilted, remember that someone loves you. When you are kicked out of your apartment and you are living in your car, remember that Trump and his friends are toasting champagne glasses to you. Where would they be, without you? You helped them become a little bit more wealthy. And it just cost you and your kid’s healthcare.

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Remember when he promised his supporters, “You gonna win so much you may even get tired of winning.”


How does all that glorious victory taste now?

Drain the swamp – He stacked his administration with every billionaire, family member and lobbyist this side of Wall Street.

Health care – After promising that everyone would hold on to their healthcare, according to the CBO report, a staggering 24 million people will be thrown off. Oh yeah, premiums will sky rocket for older Americans. But don’t worry, at least their idol Trump will net a sweet tax break as a result of the health overhaul.

The unemployed would return to work – Trump’s proposed budget gets rid of job creation programs, and drastically defunds economic development. If you really thought Trump would regress our factories to run on coal, there is a bridge in China I’d love to sell you.

He would call China a “currency manipulator on day one” – HAH!!! Instead, him and the Chinese president sat at the Mar-A-Largo resort pool and watched Melania do a cannon ball.

He would rip up NAFTA – As I discussed earlier, that didn’t happen.


How do you like me now?

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