Kicking out illegal immigrants, is the single campaign promise Donald Trump is keeping. Donald Trump became president by feeding his uneducated supporters a litany of grand promises. Most of these promises, he knew he couldn’t fulfill. Arrest Hillary, defeat ISIS, call China a currency manipulator, suspend immigration from terror prone countries, discourage companies from hiring cheap foreign labor, and so many more lies, were just uttered to excite his base.

The one promise Trump could keep however, is kicking out Hispanic Americans from our country. After all, if these immigrants sneaked into our country, then they broke a law. Most Americans however, have at least one drop of compassion in their souls.

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The guy might have come into our country illegally, but he has a job, he is a component of our economy. Most barbaric though, the guy will be separated from his family. He has children he sings to when he comes home from work. He has babies he holds. And for Donald Trump to break up these families, simply because they are poor and he could just kick them out. Disgusting.

Trump told his sheep, that he would ban people from entering our country from a home that has terrorism ties. But lots of those terror countries are very affluent. They also do important business deals with America. Banning people from these countries would cause a lot of headaches.

Kicking out these Mexican construction workers and day laborers, doesn’t cause too much of a burden. Unless of course, you suddenly become an orphan. Donald Trump is the epitome of evil. How any person with a beating heart, could tear apart a family and separate a parent from their little children, is beyond me.

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Every living organism is driven to protect their offspring. This is the single characteristic that unites every species. The human and the rat will both protect their children. Although, the rat will stick by its children. No external force will pick the rat up and separate it from it’s offspring.

Juan Carlos Fomperosa Garcia was getting ready to celebrate his son’s 17th birthday party when he was detained by Phoenix immigration officials.

“He walked in. An hour later, they brought me a bag with his stuff and that was it,” said Yennifer Sanchez, Fomperosa García’s 23-year-old daughter. The Guardian article

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That was all it took, for a single father of three, who has lived in this country for twenty years, to get kicked out. Hours later, he was allowed to make a phone call. He told his little children that he had been deported to Mexico. With no job, no family, and no home, Garcia slept on a sidewalk that night.

Yennifer Sanchez has become the sole guardian to his two teenage daughters. If Yennifer was not old enough, the daughters would be sent to an orphanage.

“They are going to keep going to school,” Sanchez said of her siblings. “I’m going to work. We’re going to try to get through this.”

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In a statement, Ice confirmed Fomperosa García had been deported and that he had been “previously repatriated to Mexico three times, including a formal deportation in 2014”. Last year, he was again ordered removed by an immigration judge and in 2015 was convicted of a federal misdemeanor charge, according to Ice. TheGuardian article

Under a Trump administration proposal, the Department of Homeland Security will begin separating mothers and children trying to enter our country illegally. 

The logic behind this seemingly sadistic torture is to deter Hispanics from migrating into America. While the mother waits for asylum hearings, the children would be placed in protective custody. Considering there are millions of pending asylum cases, this could drag on for a very long time.

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A federal appeals court ruling bars separating children for a long time from their parents. However, President Donald Trump has called for ending “catch and release,” in which migrants who cross illegally are allowed to live in the United States with their children while awaiting legal proceedings. Reuters article

Just like your great great grandparents did, these illegal immigrants are looking for a better life. How evil it is, to deny these people, many of which have never committed a crime, that chance. On the other hand, if you are from a wealthy country, although it is brimming with terrorism, you are allowed in.