This Dr. Seuss cartoon was first printed in January, 1942. At that time, the character representing Donald Trump was actually Adolf Hitler. The only other change was that in the original comic ‘Libya’ was on his ass. Hitler’s Libya is Trump’s Syria.

Hitler stands in a doctor’s office, where icicles labelled “Russia” hang from his head and his trousers have been singed off, revealing a thigh labelled “Libya.” Coupling the slapstick humour of a bare-assed Hitler with stereotyped Hollywood-German syntax (“Doktor! I got frozen up here”), Seuss’s drawing transforms the German ruler’s ambitions into broad farce. But the comedy has a serious point. At left, a skull looks impassively on, a reminder of the deaths wrought by Hitler’s armies and, perhaps, suggesting that this “disease” of a war on many fronts may bring about the Nazi leader’s demise. Encyclopedia article

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As a result of it’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, the US Senate approved new sanctions to be placed on Russia. Such sanctions would place restrictions on anyone aiding Russia or Syria, who in “malicious cyber activity”. Therefore, you could say that these sanctions restrict America as well. Basically, these sanctions make it tough for Trump to lift Russian sanctions.

The amendment ensures that Congress has time to review any plans by the Trump administration to relax, suspend or terminate sanctions — some of which were imposed after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and supported separatists in Eastern Ukraine, in a conflict that is ongoing. NPR

Much of Trump’s first 100 days can be summed up in either of those two words, Russia or Syria. Trump attacked Syria, after intelligence Assad’s forces used chemical weapons on Syrian civilians, many of them children. Syria is an ally of both Russia and Iran. Miraculously, neither of these war mongering countries retaliated.